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Anaheim Convention Center

The Anaheim Convention Center® is located in Anaheim, California, conveniently close to Disneyland. Many events drawing international crowds such as VidCon® and BlizzCon® are held there annually. The Anaheim Center® has expanded to now have 1.15 million square feet of exhibit space, making it the largest convention center on the West Coast. More than 23 million people visit the Anaheim Center every year.

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Anaheim Convention Center, CA exhibit halls 3D floor plan

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Anaheim Convention Center, CA 3D floor plan
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Anaheim Convention Center, CA events calendar

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Date Event Hall
September 27–28, 2023 Anaheim Electronics & Manufacturing Show Level 2, ACC North
September 27–28, 2023 Disaster Expo California
September 27–28, 2023 Future Water World Congress
October 1, 2023 Kinjal Dave Live Garba
October 3–5, 2023 Emerson Exchange Immerse
October 5–8, 2023 Orange County Auto Show
October 9–11, 2023 The MedTech Conference
October 10, 2023 AUHSD College And Career Fair
October 11–15, 2023 World Korean Business Convention
October 19–21, 2023 Global Produce and Floral Show Level 1
November 3–4, 2023 BlizzCon Level 1, Level 3, ACC North
November 8–10, 2023 CSDC Conference
November 9–13, 2023 ACAAI Annual Meeting
November 14–16, 2023 NAR NXT Conference Hall A, Hall B
November 18, 2023 JAMZ BID CHALLENGE ACC North
November 23–25, 2023 National Youth Conference - Building Together
December 3–7, 2023 ASHP Midyear Clinic Meeting
December 9, 2023 JAMZ Holiday Showcase
December 9–11, 2023 Radix Dance
December 12–17, 2023 HMP Global Evolution of Psychotherapy Conference Hall A
December 15–17, 2023 DesignerCon Hall C, Hall D
December 16–17, 2023 Bushiroad Championship Series Ballroom

Anaheim Convention Center, CA Location

800 W Katella Ave, Anaheim, CA

Getting there / Parking / Directions / Transportation


Specific parking locations for an event are typically communicated by event coordinators before the event. More parking information and a map of parking lots in the area is is located here.

Public Transportation

Anaheim Resort Transportation (ART) bus routes 4, 5, and 18 stop at the Convention Center, on the east side. ART bus route 9 stops at the north side of the Convention Center. More information about ART is here.

Riverside Transit (RTA) bus route 200 stops near the Convention Center at Katella & Harbor (a 6 minute walk to the north entrance). More information about RTA here.