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Why use ExpoFP interactive floor plans?

What are the advantages of using ExpoFP?

  1. Quality of our floor plans. Our technology is years ahead of our competitors.
  2. Price – we are cheaper than top competitors or free (see pricing).
  3. Exhibitors can reserve and pay for booths, packages and extras right on the floor plan.
  4. You can generate extra revenue from selling sponsorship optionsFeatured listings, logos in headers and logos in booths.
  5. It’s easy to manage your exhibitors and let them fill in their profiles using auto-login links.
  6. Flexibility of use for different needs and formats (see our use case studies for campuses, farmers markets, virtual marketplaces, hybrid events and virtual events).

More details on floor plan features

Can I integrate my floor plan into my website or a mobile app?

Yes, the floor plan can be embedded into your website or app

Can I put the floor plan on kiosks? 

Yes, you can put the floor plan on your kiosks and set them as starting points for wayfinding to help your attendees find the right booth. 

Online booth reservation

What’s the difference between the “reserve” and “buy” options?

If you enable the “buy” button you’ll be able to collect payments online. The reservation page doesn’t have credit card fields. 

How can I approve each reservation manually?

You can set the booth “on hold” after the reservation and then approve each company manually.

I use my own registration system, can I still use your floor plans? 

Yes, you can redirect exhibitors to your website and/or use API to connect both systems. 

You can set this feature in your booth reservation options

How do I sell extras/add-ons/sponsorships?

You can sell them along with the booths, or your exhibitors can buy extras later (see selling sponsorships and booth extras). You can also assign custom sponsorship tiers (see Listing Levels).

How do I send a link to all exhibitors to buy extras?

You can use the mass mailing feature to send auto-login links to all of your exhibitors at once (see sending emails in ExpoFP).

Can exhibitors buy sponsorships without a booth?

Yes, your sponsors can remove the booth on the reservation page, only leaving a sponsorship. Or, you can create their profile on the exhibitor page and give them the auto-login link to their portal. They will see a button "+ Reserve more /+ Buy more" where they can purchase a sponsorship. 

What is the policy for refunding exhibitors?

It's up to the organizer to deal with refund requests by exhibitors.

Is ExpoFP Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliant?

ExpoFP is fully PCI DSS compliant (see PCI compliance).

Initial floor plan setup

How do I start?

Click the "create plan" link in the menu and start a free trial. You can start with a venue templatesample floor plan (along with sample exhibitors, categories, etc.), or from scratch

How much does it cost?

You can see the details on the pricing page. Note that the prices are per one event, since events can have different POI and packages. Events can be upgraded and downgraded independently at any time.

You can also see the estimate by clicking on the “upgrade” button on your dashboard or contact us for a quote. 

I already have a floor plan in PDF/CAD, can I upload it to your system?

Interactive floor plans still need to be drawn manually. You can do it yourself using our designer tools, or we can do it for you

However, it's possible to upload a DXF or a PDF file to make the task easier. 

How quickly can I set up my floor plan?

It depends on you and your show. You can create the design, upload your exhibitors and start using your floor plan in a couple of days. 

How do I draw the wayfinding paths?

Please see how to draw the wayfinding

Can I add a seminar or a meeting space with a schedule?

Yes. Add an “other space” in your designer, and you will see the "description" field where you can add the schedule. 

What customization or branding options are available?

We will use your logo, brand colors and fonts. You can also include the venue, website and registration link. 

Can we add customized buttons to exhibitor profiles?

Yes. Exhibitors can add three action buttons to their profiles, such as "Schedule Zoom Meeting," "Contact Us," etc.

Do you have an application programming interface (API)?

Yes, please see the API documentation. You can use the API to integrate the floor plans into your booth purchase process and update exhibitor profiles on the floor plan from your main event management platform. 

Does ExpoFP provide a technical floor plan?

Yes, in ExpoFP you can create separate layers for technical elements and show or hide them when looking at the live floor plan. But these are only basic tools. For larger shows with complex requirements, Coconnex can create technical floor plans and automatically synchronize them with ExpoFP to be used for event websites, apps, kiosks, etc. See how Coconnex integration works

Working with the floor plan

Can I display some of the exhibitors more prominently than others?

Yes, if you mark exhibitors as “Featured,” they will be shown at the top of the search or category and formatted more prominently. If you mark exhibitors as "Logo in header," their logo will be shown above the floor plan. If you mark exhibitors as “Logo in booth”, their logo will be shown on the top of their booth on the floor plan. You can set up prices for these features and allow exhibitors to purchase them.

I want my logo on the floor plan. How can I add it?

You will need to have it as a compact vector SVG image. You can use third-party online converters to make an SVG logo. 

Can I integrate the exhibitor list from ExpoFP to display it on my website?

Yes, you can add an exhibitors list in the integration options (see exhibitor directory list for your website).

Can the live plan be in a different language?

Yes, you can change the language of your floor plan in event settings (see how to change the floor plan language).

Can I see what attendees click on my floor plan?

Yes, you can see information about your attendees and their activity by using Google Analytics (see how to use Google Analytics for a floor plan).

Do you have partnerships with event management platforms or other event technology?

Yes, in addition to integration with Coconnex and Salesforce, we have partnered with other platforms. Please see our partners page.

Other questions

How reliable are your servers?

Your floor plan will be hosted on Amazon AWS with the CloudFront content delivery network. This is physically separate from the ExpoFP.com website. This gives you a 99.99% floor plan uptime guarantee. If you have made a mistake – no problem, we save all of the previous floor plan versions and we will roll back to the working version for you. 

Can I reuse my floor plan for next year?

Yes, you can copy the map, and optionally last year's exhibitors, to the new event. Note that there will be a separate charge for every year and every map will have a different URL.

Is there any long-term obligation or contract?

No, you can upgrade and downgrade anytime. See how to make changes to your subscription

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