Why use ExpoFP interactive floor plans?

How are you different from the competition?

  1. There are about 10 years that separate the technology of our floor plans and those of our competitors. The result is a faster, smoother experience with a contemporary design. The difference is especially pronounced when you use it on your phone.
  2. Costs — we are cheaper than top competitors (pricing) or free.
  3. Our plans are optimized for automated booth reservations. Let exhibitors reserve or actually pay for booths, packages, and extras right on the floor plan.
  4. You can make money — something we share with the best of competition is the ability for you to generate extra revenue from Featured listings and ads.
  5. Everything is easier. This includes no login necessary to bookmark a booth, exhibitors using auto-login links to fill their profile and buy extras, and organizers adding, deleting, and moving booths themselves in FP Designer.

Why do I need an interactive floor plan if I have a PDF/image already?

  1. Automate booth reservations — let exhibitors see booth dimensions, prices, and other companies’ names right on the floor plan in real time. Assign exhibitors to booths or let them reserve them by themselves and see instant changes on floor plan.
  2. Sell booths and extras — anywhere there's Internet, right from the floor plan.
  3. Make extra money selling floor plan ads and Featured listings.
  4. Work less — exhibitors can auto-login and edit their own company profile.
  5. You can use our FP Designer to make instant changes to the floor plan yourself.
  6. Last, but not least, you'll have happy attendees because they can search for companies, booths, or categories; see where they are located; read their profiles; and bookmark favorites.

What can users do with a floor plan?

  1. Zoom-in to see details within a booth.
  2. Search by company, booth, and category.
  3. See exhibitor company profiles.
  4. Bookmark a company to plan the visit (no login required).
  5. Download a PDF
  6. Exhibitors can reserve a booth and edit their company profile themselves.

More details on floor plan features

Can I use it in my app or as an info kiosk screen?

The floor plan can be exported into a collection of HTML files. Since you can easily open HTML in any browser, it is simple to run the floor plain as a kiosk or integrate it int an app.

Do you have an exhibitors' list / directory?

Yes. You can also integrate a searchable exhibitors' list / directory into a page on your website. As of Oct 2019 this option may not yet be available on your control panel, so contact us and we'll email you the code. Note that every floor plan already contains the searchable exhibitors' list with their full profiles, so the directory is just a different representation of the same data. 

Selling/reserving booths, extras, and ads

How do I start selling booths?

Check "Show Buy button" (available on Paid plans only) in event settings to allow booth sales. Or check "Show Reserve button" if you want to collect the payments later and just use the floor plan for reservations. See Booth reservation/purchase process for details. 

How does the booth purchase process go?

Select an option to show the "Buy" button for available booths. An exhibitor clicks "Buy", submits the basic company info and credit card info and the booth becomes assigned to them. Both you and exhibitor would receive a payment confirmation email. Here's the post that describes it in details.

Can I use your system for reservations only, but collect the payments myself?

Certainly. Select an option to show the "Reserve" button (but no "Buy" button) for available booths. An exhibitor clicks "Reserve", submits the basic company info and the booth becomes assigned to them. Both you and exhibitor would receive a confirmation email. After that - it is up to you to collect the payment. 

How do I integrate it with my website for automated booth reservation?

Giving users an option to "Reserve" or "Buy" booth is usually all you need to do. In addition to that we can redirect exhibitors to a specific page your website right after they Reserve/Buy booth with all of the details such as company name, contact name, phone, email, booth number(s), extras/add-ons (if any), paid or reserved status, cost for every line item, and total.

How do I sell extras/add-ons/options like tables, scanners, and ads?

Go to the Extras page in your Control Panel to add items that exhibitors would buy in addition to booths. Exhibitors can also buy extras later. You can allow the sale of multiple items (like chairs) or just one (like a floor plan ad).

How do I send a link to all exhibitors to buy extras?

Go to the exhibitors page in your control panel and click "Export.' In that file there's an "Auto-login link" column. Send a link to every exhibitor (using any mass-mail service) with instructions to go to their profile page and press the "+Add stands/extras" button. More about auto-login.

How do I sell floor plan ads and Featured listings?

Set up the prices for floor plan ads and Featured listings on the Extras page. Exhibitors would buy them the same way as any other "Extra."

How do I setup different booth pricing types?

To setup different booth pricing types such as Premium, Bronze, Silver, or Gold, go to the "Booth types" and set price and "available booth text color" for each booth type. More about Booth Colors.

What are the transaction fees?

There is no fee from ExpoFP if you use your own payment processor such as Authorize.NET, PayPal, or Stripe. If you want to use another payment processor - talk to us, we'll add it. There is a fee if you use ExpoFP as your payment processor. See pricing for details.

Initial floor plan setup

How do I start?

Click "Order" link in the menu, select a domain for your map, submit payment, upload an image or PDF of a floor plan (paid plans only), fill out a few fields with basic info about the event, and upload an Excel file with booths and exhibitors if you want us to load this info. In less than a week, we'll have your floor plan ready.

How do I upload booths and exhibitors?

After you order a floor plan, it will prompt you to upload the booths and exhibitors file and that page will have the detailed instructions on what needs to be done. This is basically a one-time data load that we do for you, so you don't need to enter the data by hand. 

Can I add a seminar or a meeting space with a schedule?

Yes. Add a booth space, then mark it as "Special (seminar room)." You will have the "Title" field to enter the seminar title and the "Description" field where you could add the schedule. 

What customization or branding options are available?

We will use your logo, link the logo and the menu item "Event home" to your event website and your event name will be a part of the URL. Booth colors could be customized to match your website.

How do I embed/integrate the floor plan with my website?

Your floor plan will be hosted by expofp.com and accessible via a link like https://myevent.expofp.com. The simplest integration is to add a "Floor Plan" button to the home page of your website or a "Floor Plan" menu item redirecting users to the floor plan. You can also use the floor plan in iFrame, just make sure it doesn't break it for users on mobile. 

Can I use my own domain name for accessing the floor plan?

If you want, you can create a CNAME record like myevent.mydomain.com pointing to https://myevent.expofp.com. See pricing for fees. 

Do you have an API so that exhibitor information on the floor plan would be populated from the main database?

We are considering this. However the data in the central database is usually related to billing / sales contact while the data we on the floor plan & exhibitors' list is about presenting a company to attendees. The profiles have logos, images, videos, social links, categories and company descriptions - you need it only on the floor plan & exhibitor's list, so no point in keeping it elsewhere. 
Besides that, exhibitors fill out their profiles themselves via auto-login, so there's no extra work for your staff and exhibitors usually don't mind it because the effort in filling the profile for their own company is small and it allows them to create a great looking profile and tweak it as much as they want. 

Does ExpoFP provide a technical floor plan?

No, these are two separate things. Our floor plans are for exhibitors to reserve their booths and for attendees to find the exhibitors. Their focus is on the location of booths, meeting rooms and on the exhibitor details. Other than that they may be interested in the location of the restrooms, stairs, elevators, handicap access and pillars and we display all. But other technical details  would be just a distraction for them, so we don't go into what's behind the curtains. If you need a CAD-like drawing that shows ducts/services/venue hatching - you need to do it separately. And if you need booths there - just insert an image with booths from ExpoFP floor plan into your CAD. 

OK, ExpoFP is done creating my floor plan. What's next?

Next step - login to your control panel https://expofp.com/client and go to your event. From there you should:

  1. Add existing exhibitors (if any). Or better yet, send them "auto-login" links to allow editing their company profiles themselves (more about auto-login)
  2. Assign exhibitors to booths
  3. if you want to allow exhibitors to buy or reserve booths (recommended) - click the “Show Buy button” or “Show Reserve button” checkbox
  4. Generate extra revenue by selling “Featured listing” & “Floor plan ads” (more details)

Once you are happy with the floor plan, add a “Floor Plan” link to the menu of the main event website. You can also add a “Floor Plan” button to your home page.

Working with the floor plan

How do I modify the floor plan?

Click "Design" in the menu to add, delete, color, and move booths around. And you get access to the event control panel where you add exhibitors, associate them with booths, and do everything else related to your event. 

How can I let exhibitors edit their company profiles themselves?

It is a major time-saver when you allow exhibitors to edit their own profiles. When users open a company profile on the floor plan, there's a small "Edit" icon. If clicked, we send exhibitors an email with the auto-login link. The same link is available in the control panel when you edit an exhibitor and is shown to the exhibitor after booth purchase. More about auto-login.

Can I create booths in bulk?

Sure. In FP Designer you can copy and paste blocks of booths. And if you want to name them correctly, there's the "Fill booth names" button on the FP toolbar — you set the name of the first booth, such as H101, then click on other booths and they automatically continue the sequence: H102, H103, etc.

Can I display some of the exhibitors more prominently than others?

Yes, if you mark exhibitors as “Featured,” they will be shown at the top of the search or category and formatted more prominently. If you mark exhibitors as "Show floor plan ad," their logo will be shown above the floor plan. You can set up prices for these features and allow exhibitors to purchase them (more details).

Other questions

How reliable are your servers?

Your floor plan will be hosted on Amazon AWS with the CloudFront content delivery network. This is physically separate from ExpoFP.com website. This gives you 99.99% floor plan uptime guarantee. If you have made a mistake - no problem, we save all of the previous floor plan versions and we will roll back to the working version for you. 

Can I re-use the same sub-domain name for the floor plan?

Not generally. Each event should have a unique domain name. We recommend using domains that contain the year, such as myexpo2019.expofp.com.

How can a user move bookmarked companies between different devices?

Click on the "Share" link next to "Bookmarks." It will copy a link. Send this link to your other device and click on it. It will import all of the bookmarks from the first device.

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