About us

Our products: SQLBackupAndFTP, SqlBak, One-Click SQL Restore, SQL Backup Free, Sql to Excel, Screenshot Monitor, Hrundl, scrin.io, ExpoFP.com, fplan.io

Pranas.NET was founded in 2003 in New York. We started with a small SQL backup utility. The program quickly became the most popular database backup tool and now it has over 1,000,000 installations. Since then we have created multiple services that backup a range of database engines on an enterprise level (like hundreds of data servers for a major NFL team).

In 2012 we have released a time-tracking service with the focus on having the most user-friendly interface that allows remote teams to accurately track their work hours. The service doubles the number of users every few months.

In 2018 our new expo floor plan service started offering interactive show maps with the quality and price unattainable by competitors.

Our secret recipe? It is our people. While our headquarters are in Fair Lawn, NJ, USA, our team is global and comes from all over the world. Our team is 80% developers. We have no dedicated sales personnel because our products literally sell themselves. We have no dedicated accounting because all of this is automated. Instead we invest in the best people in R&D and focus on creating the most outstanding software.

Our team
Alexander Omelchenko
Customer Support
Rodion Nikolaev
QA, Software Developer
Alexey Popov
Team Lead
Software Developer
Ross Sudentas
Pavel Grishko
Front-end Developer
Eugene Asseyev
Team Lead
Alexandr Sirotenko
Evgeny Tyukin
Software Developer
Toma Denisova
Project Manager
Kristina Belenova
Marketing Manager
Aslan Kystaubayev
Software Developer
Andrey Pogoreliy
Software Developer
Ivan Gusev
Software Developer
Andrey Sandalov
Software Developer
Marina Sudentene
Administrative Assistant
Lucy Viana
Customer Support
We are located at: 18-23 Greenwood Dr, Fair Lawn, NJ 07410 USA