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ExpoFP will sell Featured floor plan listings on your behalf directly to your exhibitors (usually for $100–$300) and share with you 50% of the money collected.
Alternatively you can choose our otherwise identical $1,500 flat fee option and sell Featured listings yourself. This comes with our 30-day money back guarantee.
A sleek interactive floor plan. Whether they’re viewed on your computer or your phone, our floor plans always look sophisticated, yet easy to navigate. See demo
Features exhibitors need. Exhibitors can clearly see available booths. They manage their profiles themselves with one-click auto login. Optionally, you can allow them to buy booths and Featured listings right from the floor plan
Features attendees need. Attendees can find companies by name, number, or category. They can also bookmark companies in advance, allowing them to quickly find specific booths at the event. See more on floor plan features
Features expo organizers need. Modifying expo data is simple through expo admin. The admin interface also includes analytics for seeing what users have searched for, viewed, or bookmarked. See more on expo admin
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