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If you are a new client and your event has over 200 booths, your first floor plan is free

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  • 50 booths or less: $650
  • 51–100: $900
  • 101–200: $1,250
  • 201–300: $1,500
  • 301–400: $1,700
  • +$100 for every 100 booths after that
Sell booths right from the floor plan with no fee when you use your own payment processor.


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Streamline booth sales

See what is available and what has been sold, in real time. Let exhibitors see booth dimensions, prices, and other companies’ names right on the floor plan. Sell booths with the click of a button without a fee from ExpoFP.

Help attendees to navigate your event

Attendees can view the interactive event floor plan on any device and search by company, booth, or category. They can also see company details and bookmark booths without having to sign in. See demo or floor plan features.

Sell ads

Generate revenue by selling featured listings and floor plan ads. See how to make money with a floor plan.

Let exhibitors manage their listings themselves

Each exhibitor is given an auto-login link to edit their own company profile without needing to manually sign in.

Modify the floor plan

Edit booths and exhibitors in our control panel or integrate via API and create a floor plan based on your own data. More on expo admin.

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