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Interactive expo floor plan with stunning design and technological sophistication unseen in this industry. Looks great on computer and fantastic on phone - see demo
Exhibitor list and search by company name, booth or category. No-login-required bookmarks, clearly marked available booths. Light, fast, reliable - see Floor Plan features
Salesperson’s dream money-making machine - make extra $$$ by selling featured listings to exhibitors (fully automated). You can also sell booths right from the floor plan - more on how to make money with Floor Plan
Never had an interactive floor plan? You may’ve been missing an opportunity here. It is a revenue source, not an expense. If you doubt it - we will make you a floor plan for FREE, if you allow us to profit from featured listings - more on Free version
Changing data is super easy through expo admin. Integrated analytics to see what was searched for, what company details were viewed and what was bookmarked - more on expo admin
Exhibitor listings are always up to date - exhibitors manage their company profiles themselves with one-click auto login which we email them - more on expo admin
Compare with any of our competitors

Yes, we are that certain :)

Unlimited changes included
$1500 Flat Fee
No risk 30 days money back guarantee.
For any reason whatsoever – no questions asked

$1500 fee includes 200 booths and 1 level. +$200 for each additional level. +$100 for 100 extra booths.
Includes unlimited changes to data and floor plan.

Q: What kind of trade shows or exhibitions is it suited for?
Anywhere you have at least a handful of exhibitors, booths/stands or seminars your attendees will benefit from locating them with our interactive floor plan. With our plan it is easier to sell a booth and you can even make extra money by making some of the booths “Featured”.
Q: Can I trust that your servers will be up during my expo?
Your floor plan will be hosted on Amazon AWS with CloudFront content delivery network. This guarantees enterprise level scalability and availability of expo floor plan of any size. In addition, during the expo, we will have a hot-swap backup server ready to switch to. Ask our competitors if they can offer anything close to it.
Q: I have not heard about you earlier. How can I trust your company?
The brand is new. But our team was building custom expo floor plans and expo web sites for other companies for about 15 years now. Just compare the quality of our floor plans with any of the competitors. Besides, with 30 days money back guarantee you can just try.
Q: How to load exhibitors' data?
A: You just upload an Excel file that contains company information and booths they are assigned to. You can use your own fields – we will map it for you.
Q: What customization/branding options are available?
A: We will use your logo and link it to your expo show home page
Q: Can I use the same domain for the second year?
A: No. Each expo should have a unique domain. We recommend using domains that contain the year like
Q: Can I remove ExpoFP logo from the map?
A: No. The logo is very small and should not interfere with user experience.
Q: Do you have discounts for multishow, multiyear, nonprofit...?
A: We do not have sales, discounts, coupons or promo codes. $1500 flat fee for the most advanced floor plan on the planet with unlimited map and data changes is a fantastic price.
Q: Do you have Seminars/Speakers?
A: Not at the moment. But that is the next thing we will be adding to our floor plan.
Q: Would I really be able get all my money back for any reason whatsoever based on your "No risk 30 days money back guarantee"?
A: Absolutely!
Q: What do I need to get started?
A: You need a floor plan drawing with booths in any common format and a list of exhibitors and booths in Excel file for bulk data upload.
Q: What are the steps in creating the maps?
A: You select a domain for your map, pay $1500 (for 1 level with < 200 exhibitors), upload floor plan and exhibitors data. In 2 business days your map is ready.
Q: How do I modify the data?
A: We have a convenient control panel for our customers where it is easy to modify everything related to you map
Q: How long do you host a map?
A: 5 years. You can remove your map any time you want.
Q: Can I reuse the map for the second year?
A: Of course! You can copy the map and optionally last year's exhibitors to the new expo
Q: Can I display some of the exhibitors more prominently than others?
A: Yes, if you mark exhibitors as Featured, they will be displayed more prominently on the floor plan
Q: Can exhibitors buy booths through your ExpoFP?
Yes. On your request every available booth could be purchased right through the floor plan. We take 5% for transaction processing.
Q: Do you have an app?
A: Why? Our floor plans look perfect on any phone and any browser, but only a few attendees would go through the trouble of installing an app. Paying for an expo show app is the equivalent of buying the rust-proofing add-on with the new car – the only people benefiting from it are the dealers.
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