Floor plan pricing details

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Pricing is based on the number of booths. Extra fees are required for accepting exhibitor payments on the floor plan, multi-level events, your own domain or extra graphics.


The price for the paid floor plan depends on the number of booths

  • 50 booths or less: $650
  • 51–100: $900
  • 101–200: $1,250
  • 201–300: $1,500
  • 301–400: $1,700
  • 401–500: $1,800
  • 501–600: $1,900
  • 601–700: $2,000
  • +$100 for every 100 booths after that

This is a flat one-time fee that covers everything except some extra services described below. A full payment is required prior to starting the job. 

Start the order and you will have an option to select the maximum number of booths on the second step. 

30-day money-back guarantee

A full refund is given within 30 days of the floor plan purchase on your request for any reason whatsoever.

Booth sales options

Organizers can give exhibitors an option to reserve (all plans) or buy (paid plans only) booths and extras (add-ons/options). This is convenient for exhibitors because it is simple for them to find an available booth on the floor plan, select it, add a few options and just pay. And for organizers it means they get money immediately on their account with no need to develop and support the payment processing pages. See Booth purchase process for more details on how it works.

Reserve option has no fees.

Buy option comes with 9 dollars convenience fee (or pounds or euros - whatever is the event currency) added to any exhibitor's payment.

If organizers use their own payment processor (most common) like Authorize.NET, PayPal, or Stripe, there's no transaction fee.

If organizers use ExpoFP for payment processing, there's a 3.9% transaction fee. Transfer to your account in this case is not automatic, we do it monthly or on request.

Other optional services

Color keys / legend

By default we use grey color to indicate available booth and bright blue for reserved. The distinction between available and reserved is usually clear and does not require a color legend. However in more complicated cases when different colors are used to indicate different booth types (for available booths) or different sections of event (for sold booths), you may want to have a color legend under the floor plan. There's no fee for it. 


If your event is located on multiple levels or in different sections, then each extra level is +$200. 

Logo next to floor plan

Your event logo appears in the menu of the floor plan by default with no fee. If you also want to include your logo or any other image right by the floor plan, it often requires our designer to re-draw it to have a compact vector image and will result in additional charge of $300 for a typical logo or more for more complex images. 

Your own sub-domain

If you want to use your own sub-domain like myevent.mydomain.com for accessing a floor plan, you can do it via CNAME record and there's a $300 fee for configuring it on our side.

Complicated floor plan

Some organizers may have floor plan requirements that are (in our discretion) unusually complicated. In such cases we reserve the right to quote a different price prior to starting our work on the floor plan or reject the order completely and refund the money at any point of the work.


We believe in transparent low price / high quality service. We do not have sales, promotions or discounts. All of our customers become repeat, we have great personal relationship with many of them, most of them have multiple events, some of them are non-profit - we do not have discounts


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