The prices are for a single floor plan for one event, and they are based on the number of POI (Points of Interest) such as booths, rooms, stages, amenities and other spaces. The floor plan prices consist of two parts: an optional floor plan creation service and mandatory monthly fees. If you create the floor plan yourself and choose the “Free” monthly package then you have nothing to pay.

Floor plan creation services — optional, charged once

Many event organizers choose to create the floor plans themselves. If you are one of them, skip this section; only the monthly fees would apply to you. 

Floor plan drawn by ExpoFP *
ExpoFP will draw a floor plan based on your image and modify it as many times as you need
Add navigation directions from booth to booth

* The price is for a regular floor plan consisting of a single building on one floor with rectangular non-rotated booths and basic structure elements. If your plan is more complicated - we call it enhanced design. Please send us a floor plan image and requirements to get a quote. 
After the floor plan is delivered, basic booth changes (adding, moving, renaming, resizing) must be done by organizers themselves — we will teach you. ExpoFP will make more complicated changes.

Monthly fees

The monthly fees are based on the selected package and the number of POI.

Limited functionality with an ad
Maps Only
Just floor plans
Maps and Exhibitors
Floor plans + exhibitor management 
Maps, Exhibitors and Payments
Accept online payments from exhibitors

See below for what is included in each package. Pre-pay for 6+ months and get 10% off.

“Free” package features

For attendees

  • Search floor plan by exhibitor, category or booth
  • See exhibitor profiles
  • Bookmark companies
  • Download floor plan PDF

For exhibitors

  • See what booths are available / sold / on-hold in real time
  • See available booth size, type and price

For organizers


  • Shows ExpoFP ad
  • 100 POI max
  • Limited support

Start free trial (no credit card needed, will be automatically downgraded to “Free” package after 7 day full-featured trial)

“Maps Only” package features

  • Includes all of the features from the “Free” package
  • No ExpoFP banner ad
  • Unlimited hands-on tutoring and support via Zoom
  • Add image galleries, videos, leading images and custom buttons to exhibitor profiles
  • Embed the exhibitor list into your website
  • Embed the map into an Android / iOS app
  • Get or change exhibitor data via API

Start free trial

“Maps and Exhibitors” package features

Start free trial

“Maps, Exhibitors and Payments” package features

  • Includes all of the features from the “Maps and Exhibitors” package
  • Credit card payments — exhibitors can pay with a credit card online for a booth, sponsorship or extra. Money goes directly to the organizer's payment processor.

Price calculation examples

  • “Maps Only” package for 100 booths for 3 months with “create floor plan”
     $60 × 3 + $600 = $780
  • “Maps Only” package for 200 booths for 6 months (10% discount for 6+ months)
    $100 × 6 × 90%  = $540
  • “Maps and Exhibitors” package for 400 booths for 7 months (10% discount for 6+ months) with “Create floor plan” and “Wayfinding”
    $210 × 7 × 90% + $1000 + $200  = $2523

To see the price calculated for you, start the trial, press the “Upgrade” button and and select your options. 

Start free trial, read the FAQ, see a demo plan or get a demo on Zoom instantly — ask via the chat button in the bottom right corner.

Pricing FAQ

Is the subscription for a one-time event or is it valid for several events at once?
The monthly subscription fees are for a single floor plan. It is good for one event at a time. If you need multiple concurrent floor plans then you will need separate subscriptions.

Can I cancel anytime?
Yes, you can stop your monthly paid plan subscription and convert to the “Free” package at any time. You will receive account credit for the unused days. Note that if you have used the pre-payment option for 6+ months and want to cancel early, your remaining credit will be calculated based on the monthly prices.

What's your refund policy?
To make sure that you are completely satisfied with our service, a full refund is given within 30 days of the upgrade on your request for any reason whatsoever. 

Does ExpoFP make ALL the floor plan changes in the “Create floor plan” service?
No. ExpoFP creates the floor plans and makes all the complicated changes. But adding, deleting, moving, resizing and merging booths are very simple to do in the FP Designer and should always be done by organizers themselves. Our staff will be happy to show you.

Will data be preserved when my paid subscription ends?
After you stop your paid subscription, you subscription will be converted to the “Free” package. Some of the Exhibitor profile fields (such as galleries) will be hidden, but the data will still be preserved. Upgrade it at any time to a paid package and pick up where you left off.

When do you delete my data?
The data is deleted when you delete your event. It is also deleted on free accounts that were inactive for 90 days. 

Do you offer volume discounts?
Once you have 10+ events a year with us, we will apply 10% discounts to all your shows.

We are an event service provider and we'd like to add ExpoFP floor plans to our offering. Do you do that?
We are designed for that. Chat with us via the chat button in the bottom right corner on this page. 

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