Free Plan

For attendees

  • Search floor plan by exhibitor, category or booth
  • See exhibitor profiles
  • Bookmark companies
  • Download floor plan PDF

For exhibitors

  • See what booths are available / sold / on-hold in real time
  • See available booth size, type and price

For organizers


  • Shows ExpoFP ad
  • 500 POI max
  • No add-ons (see below)

Start Free Plan (no credit card needed, will automatically downgrade to Free Plan after 7 day full-featured trial)

Pro Plan

Pro Plan — core features

  • Includes all of the features from the Free Plan
  • No ExpoFP ad
  • Unlimited hands-on tutoring via Zoom
  • Exhibitors can update their company profile themselves in Exhibitor Portal
  • Mass mailing - send custom mass emails to exhibitors (coming soon)
  • Download the floor plan HTML to use offline in an app or a kiosk
  • Embed the exhibitor list into your website
  • Embed the map into an Android / iOS app
  • Get or change exhibitor data via API
  • Additional functionality via add-ons (see the pricing table below)

Pro Plan pricing — monthly

The monthly price is based on the number of POI (Points of Interest) such as booths, cafes, stages or rooms. The Pro Plan functionality can be enhanced by purchasing add-ons à la carte. Purchasing the plan with all add-ons included will save you approximately 40%. You can pre-pay for the “Pro Plan + all add-ons” for 6+ months and receive 10% off, 9+ months - 20% off.


Add-on / POI1-100101-200201-300301-400401-500501-600
Pro Plan — core features
Must be included to purchase add-ons below
Enhanced exhibitor profiles
Exhibitor profiles have galleries, videos, leading images, custom buttons and more
Online booth reservations
Exhibitors can reserve booths, sponsorships or extras  
Premium listings
Upsell on floor plan ads and Featured listings
Sponsorships & Booth Extras
Sell sponsorship packages and booth extras
Auto-generate invoices. Track exhibitor payments. 
Exhibitor forms (coming soon)
Share and collect documents from exhibitors
Pro Plan + all of the above add-ons
(does not include “Credit card payments”) 
Pro Plan + all of the above add-ons with 6 months pre-payment (10% off)$756$1080$1350$1620$1890$2106
Credit card payments
Exhibitors can pay with a credit card online for a booth, sponsorship or extra

 Contact us for pricing on 601+ POI or if your plan consists of more than 1 floor.

One-time fee services

These extra services can be added to the Pro Plan only. These fees are charged once. 

One-time fee service / POI1-100101-200201-300301-400401-500501-600
Interactive plan creation
ExpoFP will draw a floor plan based on your image and modify it as many times as you need
$300$400$500$600 $700$800
ExpoFP will add navigation directions from booth to booth
$200$300$350$400 $450$500
Area map
Add a map of the area around your venue
$300 $350$400$450 $500$550


Start free trial, read the FAQ, see a demo plan or get a demo on Zoom instantly — ask via the chat button in the bottom right corner.

Pricing FAQ

Is there a setup fee in the Pro Plan?

Can I cancel anytime?
Yes, you can stop your monthly Pro Plan subscription and convert to the Free Plan at any time. You will receive account credit for the unused days. Note that if you have used the pre-payment option for 6+ months and want to cancel early, your remaining credit will be calculated based on the monthly prices.

What's your refund policy?
To make sure you are completely satisfied with our service, a full refund will be given within 30 days from the start of your Pro Plan for any reason whatsoever. 

Can I have add-ons with a Free Plan?
No, add-ons and one-time fee services can be added to the Pro Plan only.

Will data be preserved when my Pro Plan subscription ends?
When you cancel your Pro Plan, you will be downgraded to the Free Plan. Some of the Exhibitor profile fields will be hidden, but the data will still be preserved. Upgrade it at any time and pick up where you left off. If you delete your event, then all data will be permanently deleted.

Do you offer volume discounts?
If you have over 5 shows a year, contact us to discuss special pricing.

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