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Limitations: 100 booths max, ExpoFP ad

  • Create floor plans yourself in Floor Plan Designer
  • Show available/sold/on hold booths in real time
  • Search by exhibitor, category, or booth and see exhibitor profiles
  • Exhibitor directory
  • Organizer Portal to manage exhibitors, booths & more
  • Embed floor plan & exhibitor directory into your website
  • Download floor plan PDF

Basic package

$399  1-100 booths/ $599  101-200 booths/ $799  201-300 booths - single payment for 1 event, no time limit
Contact us for pricing on 300+ booths or multi-level plan

  • All Free features (without the ExpoFP ad)
  • Exhibitors can reserve booths online
  • Exhibitor Portal to update their own company profiles
  • Extras / Add-ons / Sponsorship
  • 99.9% SLA guarantee
  • Priority support

Additional options to Basic package

Included in Professional plan. Can be added to the Basic package for the fees below (1-100 / 101-200 / 201-300 booths)

  • Floor plan design - $399 / $499 / $599  Professional design based on your PDF or image of the floor plan. Send us the PDF of image of the floor plan to confirm the price - it can be higher for complicated plans.
  • Online payments - $299 / $399 / $499 Accept credit card payments directly to your bank via your Authorize.NET, Stripe, or PayPal account with no fee from ExpoFP
  • Floor Plan Ads & Featured Listings - $299 / $399 / $499 
  • Floor plan in Kiosk (offline) - $199 / $299 / $399 Same interactive floor plans running offline in touch-screen kiosks on the show floor
  • Floor plan in App (offline) - $199 / $299 / $399  Integrate with your existing app
  • API access - $199 / $299 / $399 
  • Invoicing - $199 / $299 / $399 
  • Re-book tool - $199 / $299 / $399
  • Exhibitor forms (coming soon) - $199 / $299 / $399 

Professional package (most popular)

$999  1-100 booths/ $1,399  101-200 booths/ $1,799  201-300 booths - single payment for 1 event, no time limit
Please contact us and attach PDF or image of the floor plan to confirm the price. 
Includes all Basic features + all of the "Additional options to Basic package"

Other options

These options are NOT included in any package and could be purchased separately
Prices are for 1-100 / 101-200 / 201-300 booths - single payment for 1 event, no time limit

  • Map of the area surrounding the event floor plan - $299 / $399 / $499 
  • Wayfinding (coming soon) - $299 / $399 / $499 



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30-day money-back guarantee

A full refund is given within 30 days of your payment on your request for any reason whatsoever.

Other optional services

Color keys / legend

By default we use grey color to indicate available booth and bright blue for reserved. The distinction between available and reserved is usually clear and does not require a color legend. However in more complicated cases when different colors are used to indicate different booth types (for available booths) or different sections of event (for sold booths), you may want to have a color legend under the floor plan. There's no fee for it. 


If your event is located on multiple levels or in different sections, contact us for pricing. 

Logo or other image next to floor plan

Your event logo appears in the menu of the floor plan by default with no fee. If you also want to include your logo or any other image right by the floor plan, you can try to upload it yourself, or ask our designer to re-draw it to have a compact vector image, but that will result in additional charge. Contact us for pricing. 

Your own sub-domain

If you want to use your own sub-domain like for accessing a floor plan, contact us for pricing.

Map of surrounding area

This requires extra work and extra fee. Contact us for pricing. 


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