How to change the floor plan language

You can change the language of your floor plan and the booth reservation page. However, you cannot change the language of the Dashboard or Exhibitor Portal— these are always in English.

Note that if the user's browser language differs, it will be selected automatically. This may be useful in bi-lingual countries like Canada, where you may want to set the default language for the floor plan to be English, but if the visitor's language is French, the floor plan would be displayed in French.

Displaying the floor plan in the selected language

Floor plan using Spanish language with Spanish words in box

Buy and Reserve buttons

Available booths will display the Buy and Reserve buttons, as well as the booth information in the selected language.

Floor plan using Spanish language with available booth display in box

Buy and Reserve pages

Booth purchasing and reservation pages will be displayed in the selected language as well.

Buy/reserve page in Spanish

How to change the language

In your Dashboard , go to Settings - Language and select the one you want to use.

Language section with "Language" in box

Changing terms

You can also change the terms used for the following: booth, exhibitor, sponsorship, Reserve button, sales tax (VAT), VAT number, credit card convenience fee and level.

Terms portion of language section

Adding company description in another language

Exhibitors can add multiple company descriptions in different languages. It can be done through their Exhibitor Portal. You, as the organizer, can also do it by editing the company info. Go to Exhibitors , choose the company and click Edit profile.

Exhibitor Portal with "add description in another language" in box with arrow pointing to it


Note that the language of the company description will be selected according to the browser language of the user viewing the page.

Need a new language?

If a language you need is missing, let us know. We will add it or provide you with a text file for translation.

Frequently asked questions

Is it possible for visitors to switch between one language or another in the front view?

The front view is set up according to the user's browser language. There is no switch button to change the language in the front view.

What's the price for adding a new language to your platform?

Adding a new language to the platform is free.

Is it possible to change the language used in invoices?

The language used in invoices is English by default and can not be changed.

Can I disable adjusting the language automatically?

It isn't possible to disable adjusting the language automatically.

Can I remove the layer name from the booths list on the front view?

You can remove the layer name in Settings - Language by leaving the field Term for Level/Floor in multi-floor plans empty.

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