Selling sponsorships and booth extras

In addition to booth reservations, exhibitors can also reserve sponsorship packages and booth extras such as furniture, electricity, carpet and other items.

See the Reserve page example


Sponsorships are purchased per exhibitor, and booth extras are per booth. You can also create promotions like ads on the venue screens, brochures, or newsletters.

How to create sponsorships

Go to “Reservations - Extras”. Then, click “+ Add” to create a new Listing level (more details here) or Sponsorship. You can also click on an existing one to edit it.


You can set the price for the sponsorship packages, set the limit per exhibitor and per event, add an image and description to them. Check the box "Exhibitors can reserve themselves" to allow the sponsorships to be reserved on the Reserve/Buy page and through their Exhibitor Portal.


You can see how many exhibitors purchased each option in the “Exhibitors” column and click on the number to see the list of the companies.

See also Reports in ExpoFP.

Using our in-built sponsorship options

You can also generate extra revenue with Logo in header, Featured listing, Logo in booth and Listing Levels. Go to “Reservation - Extras” to edit these items, add descriptions and images, and set the price and the limit.

How to create booth extras

You can create and edit booth extras in a similar way to sponsorships (“Reservations - Extras - Booth extras/Add-on”). It's also possible to set the price for booth extras in ft²/m², for example, to sell a carpet.

How to group booth extras

You can sell different options of the same item, such as different carpet colors, and display them as grouped items. Create the items using the following format: “Item name (variant).” For example, “Carpet (green),” "Carpet (red).”

See our demo example


Please note that booth extras will only be grouped on the front view but not your backend.

See our Sales Brochure for more information:

ExpoFP Sales Brochure.pdf

Frequently asked questions

Can the limits set for extras be modified after they are created?

You can alter the extras’ limits anytime.

Are the descriptions and images of the extras shown on the Buy/Reserve page?

Yes, exhibitors can view it by hovering the mouse over the information icon.

Can extras be limited per area?


Can I exchange the information about the extras using API?

Yes, you can find more details in our API Reference.

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