Selling sponsorships and booth extras

In addition to booth reservations, exhibitors can also reserve sponsorship packages and booth extras such as furniture, electricity, lamps, electronics, beverages and other items.

The image below shows a typical reservation page with extras. Exhibitors see this page when they select an available booth on a floor plan from ExpoFP and click the “Reserve” button.

While sponsorships are purchased per exhibitor, booth extras are purchased for each booth separately.


You can offer your sponsors different opportunities for promotion on-site and virtually, such as advertisements on the venue screens, displays in attendee’s brochures or email newsletters. 

There are two built-in sponsorship options you can offer: floor plan ads that show the clickable company logo on the top of the plan, and Featured listings that show the company's profile more prominently and puts it at the top of a search list. 

You can also create your own sponsorships. To do this, go to “Extras / Sponsorships” on your dashboard. Click on the plus sign to add a new sponsorship, or click on the sponsorship name to edit an existing one.

You can set the Sponsor Package name, the price, and add an image. You can also limit per exhibitor or if you have an exclusive sponsorship package, you can limit it per event as well:

Booth extras

Booth extras are purchased for each booth separately. You can offer additional items of furniture, electronics and banners, and offer multiple services to your exhibitors. To add or edit booth extras, go to “Extras / Sponsorships” on your Dashboard.

 Click on the plus sign to add a new booth extra, or click on the name of the add-on to edit an existing one.

You can also limit the extras available per booth and per event. 

How to sell booth extras by ft² / m²

If you want to sell carpet or other items by ft² (or m²),  you can group them by using the format such as  “Carpet (green)”, “Carpet (red)”. Here is how they will be displayed on the reserve/buy page:


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