How to set booth prices

When selling booths, organizers usually want exhibitors to see booth prices. Exhibitors open a floor plan, select an available booth and can see the price like below:

You can set up booth prices individually, for multiple booths, or automatically calculated based on the square footage (square meters).

How to set booth prices individually

You can set a price for each booth individually in the Floor Plan Designer. To do that, click on a booth and you’ll see the price field on the right:

How to set booth prices for multiple booths

You can set prices for multiple booths by clicking on one of the “select all such booths” buttons. This way you could select all of the booths that have a particular color or of a particular type or a specific price. After multiple booths are selected, changing the price in the properties window will change the price for all selected booths.

How to set booth prices by ft² / m²

You can also sell booths by its footage (square meters) and the price would be calculated automatically based on the booth size. This post describes in details how to set booth prices by ft² / m².

How to hide booth prices

You also have an option to hide booth prices from your floor plan completely if you want to communicate with your potential exhibitor before disclosing the prices. 

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