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Kentucky International Convention Center

Kentucky International Convention Center (KICC) is located in Louisville, KY. It is a home of large conventions like Expo! Expo! and Men's Basketball Tournaments, and offers over 500 thousand square feet of exhibit and meeting space. – official website

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Kentucky International Convention Center exhibit halls 3D floor plan

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Kentucky International Convention Center 3D floor plan
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Kentucky International Convention Center events calendar

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Date Event Hall
July 27 – August 1, 2024 VFW National Convention
August 5–7, 2024 NCSL Legislative Summit
August 12–15, 2024 MESC
August 23–25, 2024 PopCon Louisville
August 31, 2024 Louisville Open
September 5–7, 2024 Lions Leadership Forum
September 7, 2024 Bourbon & Boxing
September 10–13, 2024 AWT Annual Convention & Exposition Hall A, Hall B
September 14, 2024 Time Travelers Vintage Expo
September 30 – October 2, 2024 Wabash Ignite
October 4–6, 2024 CubingUSA Great Lakes Championship
October 9–12, 2024 APNA Annual Conference
October 18–19, 2024 Louisville Book Festival
October 19, 2024 Hwang's Martial Arts World Taekwondo Championship Hall B
October 24–25, 2024 Aging 2.0 OPTIMIZE Conference
October 31 – November 3, 2024 NSNA MidYear Hall C, Hall E
November 7–9, 2024 YP Unite Summit
November 14, 2024 The Showcase of HBCU College & Career Fair
December 18–22, 2024 AVCA Annual Convention
January 2–4, 2025 Cross Con
January 10–12, 2025 Build, Renovate & Landscape Expo Hall B
February 5–8, 2025 KMEA Conference
February 19–22, 2025 Bourbon Classic Festival
February 23–27, 2025 GAMA Trade Show
March 2–5, 2025 Geotechnical Frontiers Hall A, Hall B
March 15–16, 2025 The Crown Nationals
March 20–22, 2025 NAEA National Convention
March 21–23, 2025 Louisville Tattoo Festival
March 28–30, 2025 Believe Dance Competition
April 2–4, 2025 NASCC Upper Concourse
April 11–13, 2025 JVA World Challenge
April 27–29, 2025 HSPA Annual Conference

Kentucky International Convention Center Location

221 S. 4th St, Louisville, KY

Getting there / Parking / Directions / Transportation


There are two garages located on 4th & Market Street and on Jefferson Street