George R. Brown Convention Center

The George R. Brown Convention Center® is located in downtown Houston, Texas. Large events such as Comicpalooza® and the International Quilt Festival/Houston® are hosted there every year. At 1.8 million square feet, including over 850,000 square feet of exhibition space, the Center is one of the 10 largest in the nation. Massive renovations have been done to the city-owned center over the years, as part of the GRB 2025 master plan. – official website

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GRB Houston exhibit halls 3D floor plan

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GRB Houston 3D floor plan
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GRB Houston events calendar

Follow the links to get more details about the expo and a 3D image of the halls that the expo is in.

Date Event Hall
January 29, 2020 Annual Economic Forecast Luncheon
February 3–7, 2020 NAPE Summit Level 1
February 8, 2020 HHF Annual Career and Education Day
February 14–15, 2020 Science & Engineering Fair Hall E
February 17–21, 2020 PPIM Conference and Exhibition Hall A3
February 20–21, 2020 Star of the South Dental Meeting Hall E
February 20–22, 2020 TSHA 64th Annual Convention & Exhibition Hall B3
February 22–23, 2020 Xccelerate
February 25, 2020 Texas Wood Design Symposium Level 3
February 27–29, 2020 Wealth & Passive Income Expo
February 29 – March 1, 2020 High Caliber Gun & Knife Show
March 1, 2020 Quinceanera Magazine Expo
March 2–6, 2020 TASBO Annual Conference
March 4–8, 2020 45th Annual Houston Fishing Show Hall A
March 5–7, 2020 SOAR Team National Convention
March 14–15, 2020 Cross Court Classic Hall A, Hall B, Hall A3, Hall B3
March 15–19, 2020 CORROSION Hall C, Hall D, Hall E
March 21–22, 2020 Cross Court Classic Hall A, Hall B, Hall A3, Hall B3
March 24–27, 2020 TLA Annual Conference Hall D, Hall E
March 26–31, 2020 IIBEC International Convention & Trade Show Hall C
March 28–29, 2020 The American Spectacular DI & DII
March 29 – April 2, 2020 AICHe Spring Meeting and Global Congress
April 1, 2020 3M Frontline Conference
April 1–2, 2020 PCB Future Projects Conference Hall B3
April 1–4, 2020 USITT Conference & Stage Expo
April 4–5, 2020 My Jurassic Adventure
April 4–5, 2020 Texas Bridal & Wedding Expo Hall A3
April 7–9, 2020 ENTELEC Conference & Expo Hall B3
April 15–18, 2020 FIRST Championship Level 1
April 18–23, 2020 16th Annual Diversity & Leadership Conference & Career Expo Hall B3
April 21–24, 2020 AMCP
April 24–26, 2020 MagicFest
April 25–28, 2020 National Planning Conference
May 2–3, 2020 Lone Star Regional Championships
May 3–4, 2020 IMAGE Expo Hall E
May 6–7, 2020 Esri Petroleum GIS Conference
May 9–10, 2020 Lone Star Regional Championships
May 14–16, 2020 Texas Republican Convention
May 17, 2020 South Texas College of Law Commencement Ceremony
May 18, 2020 UTHSC School of Dentistry Commencements
May 31 – June 4, 2020 68th ASMS Conference on Mass Spectrometry and Allied Topics Hall C
June 7–10, 2020 ACE Hall D, Hall E
June 8–10, 2020 ILTA International Operating Conference & Trade Show Hall A, Hall B
June 10–12, 2020 Pri-Med Southwest
June 24–27, 2020 HOSA-International Leadership Conference and Expo Hall C
July 20–25, 2020 APSCON Hall E
July 27–30, 2020 AFT Convention
August 5–8, 2020 National Urban League Conference
August 12–13, 2020 Summer Nape Hall A, Hall B, Hall C
August 29–30, 2020 Houston Truck & Jeep Fest
September 13–16, 2020 NAEC United Convention and Exposition Hall A, Hall B
September 15–17, 2020 Turbomachinery & Pump Symposia Hall C, Hall D, Hall E
September 29 – October 3, 2020 SNAME Maritime Convention
October 2–3, 2020 Evolving Faith
October 4, 2020 Texas Bridal & Wedding Expo Hall A3
October 11–16, 2020 SEG Annual Meeting and Exhibition Hall C, Hall D, Hall E
October 29 – November 1, 2020 International Quilts Market & Festival Level 1
November 5–7, 2020 CAST
November 10–13, 2020 PASS Summit
December 19–20, 2020 Encore Championships

GRB Houston Location

1001 Avenida de las Americas, Houston, TX

Getting there / Parking / Directions / Transportation


The convention center is located at 1001 Avenida de las Americas.


There are four parking garages located near the George R. Brown Convention Center®.

Avenida North Garage
701 Avenida de las Americas (entrance on Rusk and Capitol)

Avenida Central Garage
1002 Avenida de las Americas

Avenida South Garage
1710 Polk Street

Tundra Garage
1506 Jackson Street

Public Transportation

Greenlink is a free option for getting around downtown Houston. Both its Orange and Green routes stop next to the convention center throughout the day.

METRORail, the light rail service, has a stop just north of the convention center at Capitol St and Chenevert St.