Wayfinding helps visitors locate exhibitors, conference rooms, booths and restaurants on a plan and gives routing directions.

Choose an exhibitor, click "directions," and select the booth nearest to you as a starting point to get results.

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The distance is calculated using units of measurement (m/ft) in the Designer, and the arrival time is calculated using the assumed average speed of 5 km/h.

Multi-level wayfinding

Wayfinding can connect multiple buildings and levels. On the first level, it leads to stairs or elevators, and when you switch to the next level, it shows the rest of the route to the destination.

Floor plan featuring multi-level wayfinding

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Outdoor wayfinding

We can display additional locations on the area map and connect them with wayfinding. It can be used for open-air festivals, camping sites or outdoor markets.

Outdoor wayfinding

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Detect attendee location automatically

By default, attendees need to choose their starting point. However, if you use a floor plan on a kiosk, the kiosk will work as a default starting point.

You can also use GPS or IPS service provided by one of our partners (Crowd Connected®, IndoorAtlas®). With the blue dot, attendee will see their current location anywhere in the exhibit hall, and you will get additional footfall analytics.

How to get wayfinding for your floor plan

You can draw the wayfinding yourself or get this feature for a one-time fee, depending on the size of your show. You can order it along with our interactive floor plan creation service, 3D view or separately. You can simply upgrade your floor plan on your dashboard to include wayfinding.

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