Floor plan pricing details

There’s no functional difference between the floor plans in the free and the paid option. The only difference is who gets to sell Featured listings and floor plan ads. You can choose one of the options while ordering a floor plan.

Option 1: Free floor plan

ExpoFP will sell Featured listings and floor plan ads exclusively (to your exhibitors) and share with you 50% of the money collected.

In the free option ExpoFP will:

  1. Create a floor plan at our own expense
  2. Contact exhibitors directly to sell featured listings and floor plan ads
  3. Provide you with reports on all the money collected
  4. Share with you 50% of the money collected

In the free option you (organizer) will:

  1. Add a link to the floor plan from the menu on your expo website within two weeks after the floor plan is complete
  2. Provide ExpoFP with full exhibitor contact information
  3. Give ExpoFP the exclusive permission to contact exhibitors on your behalf to sell featured listings and floor plan ads for a price at our discretion. You will not sell it yourself.

Are there any requirements for the event to qualify for the free option?

Yes. We want to make sure we are able to make money. This disqualifies small expos with under 100 booths, some expos that focus primarily on seminars, or where there’s little value in adding a floor plan to the expo. We will review your event and get back to you in a day or two.

Option 2: Paid floor plan

After paying the amount below to ExpoFP, you make money selling Featured listings and floor plan ads by yourself. See How to make money with a floor plan.

The price for the floor plan depends on the number of booths

  • 50 booths or less - $650
  • 51–100 - $900
  • 101–200 - $1,250
  • 201–300 - $1,500
  • 301–400 - $1,700
  • 401–500 - $1,800
  • 501–600 - $1,900
  • 601–700 - $2,000
  • +$100 for every 100 booths after that

If your event is on several floors/levels or in separate places and each needs a separate floor plan, then each extra floor plan is +$200. This is a flat fee with no other charges that covers unlimited floor plan changes. A full payment is required prior to starting the job.

30-day money back guarantee

A full refund is given within 30 days of the floor plan payment for any reason whatsoever.

Payment processing fees

If you use your own payment processor like Authorize.NET, PayPal or Stripe to sell booths (both free and paid option), featured listings (paid option only) or floor plan ads (paid option only) - there's no fee from ExpoFP for any of the sales.

If you use ExpoFP for payment processing, there's a 3.9% transaction fee. We collect the money using our own payment processor, then transfer the money to your account.