How to make money selling Featured floor plan listings

Upgrading to a featured floor plan listing allows exhibitors to showcase their company and receive 30%-40% greater exposure on a floor plan. Expo organizers can generate significant revenue by selling such an upgrade.

Example: $500 upgrade sold to 20% of an 1000-exhibitor expo would bring in an extra $100,000.

Organizers can collect the money themselves and mark exhibitors as “Featured” in their expo admin. Or ExpoFP can automate this process by promoting the upgrade to exhibitors and collecting money for it - more details below.

How the Featured listing is different from the Regular?

Featured companies on the floor plan

  1. Are shown first in searches and in categories
  2. Appear more prominently in bold with a diamond icon in the exhibitor list
  3. Have a diamond icon in the booth image
  4. Have a larger logo, longer description, unlimited images and have “call to action” button in the company profile

How ExpoFP can automate the Featured listing sale?

For expo floor plans managed by ExpoFP, we email to all exhibitors a reminder to review their listing on the floor plan and update their company profile. On that page we show the preview of how the company profile looks on the floor plan. Also, we can show how a “Featured” listing would look like, explain the benefits of upgrade and collect a payment for an instant upgrade to Featured listing.

What commission ExpoFP takes for automating the Featured listing sales?

ExpoFP takes 10% commission for automating Featured listing sales. This includes all the processing fees.  Expo organizers may choose to collect the payments themselves and then just mark exhibitors as “Featured” in their control panel. However if you take into the account the costs of marketing to exhibitors, processing fees, sales commissions, managing the process, documenting it, sending invoices, payment receipts, it may be significantly greater than 10%. And the conversion rate of such sales is usually weaker than ExpoFP because we can show the benefit of the upgrade right when exhibitor views the listing. You can also combine both in-house sales and sales by ExpoFP.

How to start?

To allow ExpoFP collect the payments, go to the Dashboard > Your Expo > Edit. Find the switch “Allow ExpoFP to collect Featured listing payments on my behalf” and turn it ON. Set the “Featured listing upgrade price”. We recommend to keep the price at a level such that no more than 10%-20% of your exhibitors will upgrade to Featured in order to preserve the exclusivity of a Featured listing. You will receive a complete report of all the sales. At the end of each month we will send you a check for the amount collected minus our commission.

Can exhibitors buy booths through ExpoFP?

Yes. On your request every available booth could be purchased right through the floor plan. We take 5% commission for transaction processing. To turn this feature on, go to the Dashboard > Your Expo > Edit.  Find the switch “Allow ExpoFP to sell booths on my behalf” and turn it ON. Now there will be button “Buy” in the details section of every available booth (that has a price).