How to make money with a floor plan

Interactive floor plans should generate at least $8,000 in revenue even for the smallest of expos and up to $200,000 for large ones. In particular you can sell:

  1. Featured listings
  2. Logos in header
  3. Logos in booths
  4. Booths

Featured listings

Featured exhibitor listings are shown at the top of every matching search or category and formatted bold and with a diamond icon.

When in a company profile, it is also formatted more prominently than a regular listing

Featured listings allow exhibitors to showcase their company and receive 30–40% greater exposure on a floor plan. Expo organizers can generate significant revenue by selling such an upgrade. More details about featured listings

Example: A $300 Featured listing upgrade sold to 20% of a 1,000-exhibitor expo would bring in an extra $60,000.

Logos in header

If an exhibitor selects to advertise their profile on a floor plan, their logo will be shown in the section at the top. 

A click on a logo would open the exhibitor's profile and highlight the booth they are in. If there are more logos that can fit in the ads area, the logos will be rotated.

Expo organizers can generate significant revenue by selling logos in the header. More details about logo in header.
Example: A $1,000 logo in the header sold to 20 exhibitors would bring in an extra $20,000.

Logos in booths

Exhibitors can have additional promotion with logo in booth that shows the clickable company logo inside their booth on the floor plan. Expo organizers can upsell this feature or make it a part of their own sponsorship packages. 

Example: A $700 logo in booth sold to 30 exhibitors would bring in an extra $21,000.

Selling booths

While selling booths through the floor plan does not generate extra revenue, it simplifies the process for both exhibitor and organizer and saves money on processing. Here is the article that explains the purchase process in detail. 

Selling sponsorships and booth extras

You can create your own opportunities for promotion on-site and virtually and sell booth extras like furniture, outlets, wi-fi services, forklift rentals, etc. You can see more about selling sponsorships and booth extras here. 

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