Displaying floor plans on kiosks

Interactive digital kiosks have been commonplace in expos for years. Their easy-to-use touchscreens are perfect for those who need venue information quickly.

ExpoFP’s floor plans can be incorporated seamlessly into the kiosks at your next trade show. Then, attendees can see on the floor plan what companies are present, where their booths are located and the best route to get there.

Your kiosks can also act as a starting point for wayfinding. Attendees simply tap the booth, stage, or lounge that they are looking for and then tap the “Directions” button. The quickest path appears instantly on the screen.

Below you can see an attendee using wayfinding on a Cloud Touch kiosk featuring ExpoFP floor plans. ExpoFP partnered with Cloud Touch for IMEX America, the largest U.S. trade show for the global meetings, events and incentive travel industry.

Our floor plans have all the same functionality on a large touch-screen kiosk as they do on a phone or tablet. This makes it easy for attendees to pull up company information, see where only booths of a certain category are located or check the timeline of live events.

“The ExpoFP platform is like peanut butter to our jelly kiosks,” said Eitan Magid of interactive technology company Popshap, who specializes in designing touch-screen kiosks. Popshap used ExpoFP floor plans on their kiosks for Groceryshop, the main annual event for grocery products and consumer packaged goods. According to Magid, it was “the perfect combo.”

If you want our floor plans to be featured on the kiosks at your next expo, talk to the ExpoFP floor plan team for details.

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