ExpoFP x Grip

Grip is an AI-powered event and networking platform with matchmaking tools that are used by over half of the world’s largest event organizers. ExpoFP is the exclusive floor plan provider for Grip, partnering with them on events such as SXSW, Cannes Lions, Digital X, spoga+gafa and Autumn Fair.

Now, not only can you use ExpoFP's powerful mapping and wayfinding technology, but also Grip's event management and matchmaking tools, all in one place with seamless integration.

You can generate extra revenue and bring more value to your exhibitors and attendees with Grip matchmaking opportunities.

Why Grip?

  • Better matchmaking. Grip is an award-winning matchmaking solution that will make your networking much more productive. Matchmaking is three times more efficient compared to approaching people randomly. Their algorithms are proven to save time and energy and achieve better networking results.
  • Scheduling meetings. Grip can help your attendees schedule meetings, which are 14 times more likely to be effective than random encounters at a show. Their notification system minimizes the number of no-shows and ensures productive networking when paired up with ExpoFP's wayfinding functionality.
  • Creating leads. Your exhibitors can see all the visitors interested in their company, get in touch with them, schedule meetings, and print out leads to contact later.
  • Speed networking. It's a chance for many attendees and exhibitors to meet each other in a short amount of time. Each session lasts 3 minutes, and after that, they can schedule regular meetings to continue the conversation in case of mutual interest.
  • Registration. Grip has integration with more than 30 registration platforms and an open API.
  • Extra revenue on virtual and hybrid events. It's not uncommon among organizers to sell access to the platform to additional staff members, and create different levels of exhibitors. Grip also provides other sponsorship options within the platform.
  • Data privacy. Unlike some other matchmaking platforms, you are the sole owner of the personal data of your vendors and visitors.

How does it work?

The algorithm matches people based on their interests in the event, the solutions they provide, their primary role, etc. Additional algorithms analyze which companies the attendee is interested in and make suggestions. Then the attendee can use the ExpoFP interactive floor plan to find the exhibitor, bookmark them and use wayfinding to get to them.

Another example: visitors have scheduled a meeting in Grip, and now they need to find the meeting room. ExpoFP wayfinding functionality can help them with that.

How to set it up

Contact Grip representatives to learn more about their features, and they will ensure smooth integration of our floor plan within their app.

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