How to use Google Analytics for a floor plan

Using Google Analytics will allow you to see useful information such as which exhibitors are more popular, what pages and booths get clicked on, etc. Organizers and exhibitors both can benefit from collecting attendee activity.


Google Analytics can track important data from your attendees:

Clicks on your expo URL, booths, exhibitor profiles and categories

Clicks on the phone number, email, website, social media, galleries and action buttons

Locations, languages, devices, OS and browsers of your attendees.

How to use Google Analytics for your floor plan

You will need to create an account with Google Analytics. Set it to measure a website and add as the website URL.

You will get a tracking ID.


If you already have a Google Analytics account you can find your ID in the Property Settings:


Then, go to your event settings on the Dashboard and insert your ID in this field:

How to see what exhibitors are the most popular

To see which exhibitors got the most views, you will need to go to Behavior - Events - Top events - FP exhibitor - View.


Here will be the list of your most popular exhibitors:

How to see what users click when in profile

You can see what your users click on the most on the floor plan in Top Events - Event Action:


By clicking on one of them (for example, “view gallery”) you will see the most popular galleries:

How to learn about your audience

You can also see information about your users, such as where they live and what language they use.

Please note that tracking starts after you add the ID to the plan. It won't show what was going on before.

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