ExpoFP floor plan features

ExpoFP creates interactive expo floor plans that look great and are faster and more user-friendly than any of the competitors. Since most of the attendees will be accessing the floor plan on their phones, we will focus here on the mobile interface and use the ExpoFP demo floor plan.

Floor plan features

This is how the map looks on the phone. Users get to view the floor plan and search by exhibitor, booth number, or category right from the home screen.


Users can zoom in on booths to see exhibitor names.


If users start searching, they immediately see the results.


Clicking on a company highlights the selected booth on the floor plan and brings up the “Exhibitor Details” box.


By swiping up, the “Exhibitor Details” box expands naturally to display all of the exhibitor details.


Potential exhibitors looking to buy a booth can easily identify the available booths — they are all grey.


Potential exhibitors will be able to see the size and the price of the booth. They can also see the instructions on how to make a booth reservation or reserve one right on the floor plan (if expo organizers make this option available).

Users can also bookmark their favorite companies. Then these companies will appear bookmarked on the floor plan and on the exhibitor list. Users can also filter the list to show bookmarked companies only, if they select “My Bookmarks” in the menu.


The menu displays an expo logo, has a link to the main expo site as well as bookmarked companies, and provides one-click access to the exhibitor categories.


The desktop interface works the same as the mobile, but provides an even richer user experience.



If you test the mobile site speed using Google, you will find that the floor plan is faster than the top-performing sites.


Making money on Featured listings

Expo organizers can generate significant revenue with interactive floor plans by selling Featured listings to exhibitors (fully-automated). You can also sell booths right from the floor plan — more on Featured listings and other ways to make money with the floor plan