Invoices in ExpoFP

The invoicing system in ExpoFP allows you to record what exhibitors have paid and what they still owe. It automatically generates invoices and allows exhibitors to pay online. It is not meant to replace a dedicated system like Quickbooks, but it does cover basic invoicing needs. 

How invoices are created

When an exhibitor opens a floor plan, selects an available booth, and then buys or reserves it (see booth reservation/purchase process), this automatically creates an invoice for the exhibitor.

Managing invoices

You can see invoices on the exhibitor's details page. You can set the prices any way you like or add other items and discounts:

Once you are done adding the items, you can download the invoice as a PDF using the PDF button or send it to your exhibitor by email with the SEND button. The invoices are sent from the email address.

The button labeled PAY is a link you can share with exhibitors to pay the invoice.

You can add multiple invoices and have invoices with discounts by adding a “-” (minus) before the price.

To customize the invoice email template, go to “Email templates” and change the default invoice email template. You can customize the message you want your exhibitors to see or add an auto-login link. Learn more about sending emails using ExpoFP here.

This email is sent when you click SEND in the Invoice section on the exhibitor’s details page.

The invoice will display your company details and your exhibitor's details, along with the items they need to pay and the total amount.

Adding a due date

If you'd like to add a due date to invoices, go to “Price & money settings” and select the number of days for the due date.

The due date starts from the day the invoice is created and goes for the selected number of days, for example, 15 days from today.

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