How to import exhibitors

If you already have your exhibitor information but don't want to manually add each exhibitor, you can import the data directly onto the floor plan and assign it to booths.

This feature is only for importing new exhibitors on the floor plan and will not work for updating existing exhibitor info. Make sure you have all the booths created in the designer before importing the exhibitors.


To import, go to your exhibitor page and click on Import. 


Then, you will need to download our Excel template.    



You can fill in your template with the details you want displayed about your exhibitor, such as company name, description, social media, and more. 

Next, upload the finished file and click Import.

Now your exhibitors will be seen on the floor plan!


You can give your exhibitor a link for them to complete or update their profile later.

Still have questions? Click on the chat icon — our support team will be glad to help you!

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