Exhibitor directory list for your website

While ExpoFP floor plans already include a searchable list of exhibitors, organizers often want to have a separate “Exhibitor List,” “Exhibitor Directory,” or “Who is Exhibiting” page on their website. ExpoFP allows organizers to cut and paste a piece of code into a page on your website and get a searchable list of exhibitors with no additional coding required.

Go to Exhibitor List on your Dashboard to see how it would look. You can search by company name, category, or booth number and the list of exhibitors will be filtered as you type via the interactive search.

If you click on a company, it will open an exhibitor profile with the same info you see when you open a profile on the floor plan. 

The code to embed the exhibitor list into your website can be found on the Integration options page. Scroll down to the Exhibitors list, copy the code, and paste it into your site.

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