How to use exhibitor categories

Exhibitors can be assigned to different categories for easier navigation on the floor plan. Categories allow attendees to sort companies by products or services.

Attendees can search for a particular category. All exhibitors within this category will be highlighted on the floor plan:

How to add a category

You can add, edit, or delete exhibitor categories on your Dashboard. To add a category click on Add exhibitor category button:

You can also add multiple categories at the same time:

How to assign a category

Exhibitors can assign themselves to a category by clicking on Category field in the exhibitor profile:

Organizers can assign exhibitor categories as well.

To assign categories in bulk to exhibitors, go to the Exhibitors page, select one or multiple exhibitors and click on 'Category'.

Then, select the categories you'd like to assign to the exhibitor(s).

See also: How to use exhibitor tags. 

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