How to design a floor plan

In this article, you can learn how to work with basic designing tools, create booths, and draw objects. Alternatively, you can have your floor plan professionally designed by our team in 5-7 business days.

Adjusting measurement unit and grid

At the bottom right corner of the Designer, you'll see the window to switch between meters or feet. The same window allows you to choose the grid size - 0.1, 0.5, 1, 2, 5, and 10.


A larger grid size will help you align bigger objects, while a smaller grid is helpful to align elements with better precision.

Using basic tools

The Selection tool allows you to drag your mouse over one or more objects to select them.

Select tool icon

The Pan tool lets you click and drag to move objects around the grid.

Pan tool icon

This tool will Undo/Redo a movement. (Shortcuts: Ctrl + Z and Ctrl + Y)

Undo and redo icons

This tool will Copy/Paste any selected object. (Shortcuts: Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V)

Copy and paste icons

This tool will Flip an object horizontally or vertically.

Flip horizontal and flip vertical icons

This tool will Rotate an object. Holding Ctrl makes objects rotate around their own axis.

Rotate 15° clockwise and rotate 15° counterclockwise icons

Working with booths

How to add and edit a booth

To add a booth, click and drag it from the toolbar. A default booth is 10 x 10ft (3 x 3m). Click on the booth to move it or resize it. You’ll also see the pop-up window on the left with booth properties, where you can rename a booth, assign its type, and add a price or an exhibitor to it.


If you click the arrows on the booth, the new booth will be named sequentially and perfectly aligned.

Read how to create an L-shaped booth here.

How to customize booth colors

Using hex color codes, you can customize booth colors. Copy and paste any color code, and you can customize available, on hold, and sold colors in booth properties.

Editing booths in bulk

How to select a group of similar booths

If you want to edit all booths of a specific color, type or a price, click on one such booth and then click "Select all such booths" button on the left. Any changes will be applied to all selected booths.

How to rename booths in bulk

If you need to rename all your booths, you can use the bulk rename tool. Click the tool, enter the starting booth name/number, and then click on multiple booths one by one to rename them in order.

How to search for a booth

You can search for one or multiple booths by name in the search bar, and they will be highlighted.

Working with stages and other spaces

Other spaces are used for stages, conference rooms, food courts, etc. Exhibitors cannot reserve them but can show descriptions and schedules.

See live example

How to add other spaces

You can drag and drop the other space in a similar way as you do booths — choose the green "booth" icon under a grey one on the toolbar:


You can also convert an existing booth into the other space. To do that, click on it and toggle “other space” in the booth properties in the pop-up window:

How to add descriptions and schedules

To add a description or a stage schedule, click on the space, then on “Description” in its properties. You can add a text and/or hyperlink it if you have any online seminars.

See live example

How to show a sponsor of other spaces

You can highlight a sponsor of a particular space or a pavilion by adding their icon and (optionally) text with the company name directly on the space or next to it.


It’s also possible to hide the space’s name and only leave the text if you toggle the “hide labels” in the space properties.

Adding images and logos

You can add an event logo and custom icons to your plan - see more details here. It’s also possible to upload a background image (PDF, PNG, JPEG, etc.) - see how to do it here.

Working with background shapes

These are tools used to make different shapes for the floor plan backgrounds, pavilion outlines, walls, columns, etc.

Resize any shape by clicking and dragging the blue dotted corners or changing parameters in object properties.

Working with text

You can add text to your plan for aisles or entrances or make a map legend. You can customize font, size, and color as well.

How to change the font

You can customize the font of the texts, booths and other spaces - see more details here.

Version history

Don’t forget to save your progress by hitting the save button. All versions are saved, and you can return to a previous version anytime by clicking the round arrow beside it.

Hover over the version history to see the email of the teammate who saved this version.

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