Coconnex technical floor plans & ExpoFP integration

Coconnex creates great technical floor plans. ExpoFP has only basic tools to create separate “technical” layers (our focus is more on exhibitor & attendee experience with maps at the show). For larger shows with complex requirements Coconnex creates technical floor plans that are automatically synchronized with ExpoFP, and then ExpoFP floor plans are used for event website, app, kiosks, etc. 

Here's how it works:

  1. An organizer gives ExpoFP team Coconnex API credentials for their floor plan
  2. ExpoFP takes the data from a Coconnex floor plan via API
  3. All of the booths and spaces are loaded to ExpoFP exactly like they are in Coconnex
  4. Note that while booths from Coconnex are visible everywhere, the background image from Coconnex is visible in ExpoFP Designer only, but no on the live ExpoFP
  5. ExpoFP designers draw the walls and other elements based on the background image from Coconnex
  6. Next time ExpoFP loads the data from Coconnex, booths and spaces are updated as they are in Coconnex, but the new elements added by ExpoFP are preserved

The integration between Coconnex and ExpoFP allow users to have the best of both worlds - great technical floor plans from Coconnex and the most user friendly floor plans for attendees and exhibitors from ExpoFP.

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