How to integrate Bizzabo with the floor plan

ExpoFP can integrate with the event management platform Bizzabo. When an exhibitor reserves a booth on the floor plan, a contact is automatically created in Bizzabo, allowing organizers to complete the sale on the Bizzabo side. If organizers make any changes on the Bizzabo side, ExpoFP will automatically modify the profile too. 

How it works

An exhibitor looks at the floor plan and selects a booth. The reservation button redirects them to the purchase page. There, they fill in contact and company information, select extras and sponsorships, and hit “Reserve.”

After that, ExpoFP creates a contact in Bizzabo and an Exhibitor profile in ExpoFP.

The profile in Bizzabo will have an order with the exhibitor details and the purchased booths list. 

The organizer can see and modify the order using the Registration Form link. 

If an exhibitor has several booths, the booth names in the field in the Registration Form should be separated by comma. 

After the reservation, the exhibitor can be redirected to the event's website or Bizzabo's registration form, where they can complete their profile. 

All the changes made in the order will be transferred to ExpoFP to update the profile on the ExpoFP side. The ExpoFP Exhibitor ID field should not be changed once added, otherwise data will not be synchronized.

How to integrate a plan with Bizzabo

You can have integration with Bizzabo for any paid plan at no extra charge. Please follow these steps before starting the integration process.

To create contacts for exhibitors, the organizer needs to set the number of Tickets (Booths) he wants to sell. The new tickets can be added in Dashboard - Registration - Ticket Setup. You can leave the Ticket Price field empty if the payment process will be done on the ExpoFP side. 

After that, the organizer needs to adjust the Bizzabo registration form adding fields from the “Personal” group. The field should be the same as the ones exhibitors fill in on the purchase page on the ExpoFP side.

Booth and ExpoFP Exhibitor ID are custom fields that should be added manually. To add them, the organizer needs to create a New Field and set a Field Label and a Field Name accordingly:

Field Label - Booths, Field Name - Booths 

Field Label - ExpoFp Exhibitor Id, Field Name - ExpoFpExhibitorId

The group should be set as “Custom” and Field Type should be set as “Single Line Text.”

After the registration settings are completed, the organizer needs to add a Webhook. In the Integrations menu, open the Basic section, find the Webhooks card and click on Settings - Add New Webhook. 

There, add the following Endpoint URL:

The Select actions field should be set as “Registration Details Changed”

After all the settings are ready, send the following details to the ExpoFP team and we will switch on the integration on our side:

  • Event ID from the URL field in the browser window 
  • Ticket Name from the “Registration” Section.
  • Bizzabo API key from your Bizzabo Dashboard

If you need a custom integration with more features or have any questions, click on the chat icon — our support team will be glad to help you!

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