Auto-Login to Exhibitor Portal

Auto-login allows exhibitors to click on a unique link and instantly get to their Exhibitor Portal. There they can edit their company profile, add marketing materials, images and videos, and reserve or buy additional booths, logo in header and extras if you have selected this option. 


  1. Your staff does not spend time on exhibitor registration and correcting exhibitors' profiles - exhibitors do it themselves.
  2. Exhibitor profiles are complete because they are interested in showing the whole company info
  3. You sell more extras completely automated because exhibitors see it for themselves and can do it instantly.
  4. You make money because exhibitors become aware of the ad options when editing profiles and buying them themselves.

How can exhibitors get the link

  1. If you have allowed exhibitors to reserve or buy booths through the floor plan - exhibitors will receive the auto-login link along with the reservation confirmation email.
  2. Or you can send this link from the Exhibitor details page in Exhibitors.
  3. To get the links for all exhibitors, organizers can go to the "Exhibitors" page and click Export - in that file there's an "Auto-login link" column.

You can mass mail the auto-login link to your exhibitors if you have a mail server setting.


What is the difference between editing company profiles by the event organizer and the exhibitor themselves?

Exhibitors do not see fields ExhibitorID or "Admin notes". To buy an extra booth, logo in header or extras, exhibitors have to select these options and buy them, while the organizer can do it at will. 


Auto-login is a must-use tool during exhibitor registration. It allows exhibitors to manage their listings themselves and purchase extras. Organizers collect extra revenue from selling extras, get a more complete and useful floor plan and don't have to be in the middle of managing the listings.

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