Advanced designer tools

In this article you will learn how to use advanced Designer tools to create a floor plan. Alternatively, you can have your floor plan professionally designed by our team in 5-7 business days.

Working with booths

How to add booth types

You can add and customize booth types by clicking “add/edit” and selecting all booths of this type.

You can also sell booths by type. 

How to change the grid type and measuring unit

You can change the grid type to 0.1, 0.5, 1, 2, 5, and 10. A larger grid size will have bigger squares in the background. You can also switch the floor plan to display in feet or meters.


How to add a booth description

You can add a description for available booths in Booth Reservation on your dashboard. It will apply to all available booths:

The description, size, price and booth type will be displayed on the available booth in the floor plan like this: 

You can add individual booth descriptions by clicking on "Booth Description" in booth properties. 


Working with background shapes

How to group background shapes 

Select the objects you would like to group and click the group tool. To ungroup, use the ungroup tool. (Shortcut: Ctrl + G) 

How to draw irregular shapes

With the polyline and Bézier curve tool, you can draw irregular shapes.

By clicking and dragging the black nodes on the Bézier shape, you add curves to the lines you want rounded. 

After making a polyline or Bézier curve shape, you can move around the yellow nodes to modify it.

How to use the align tool 

You can use the align tool if you need two or more objects to align a certain way in relation to each other. 

How to move an object front/back

You can use this tool if you need to move one object so that it shows on top of another. Booths are always shown on top, so you aren't able to put any object on top of booths.

How to lock an object

Locked objects can't be moved on the floor plan. To use this option, click on the object, and then click the lock tool. 

To unlock it, click the unlock tool or double click the object.

How to add icons

You can add icons from the toolbar and customize the color and size of each one.

How to add a viewbox

A viewbox determines the area that will be shown once the floor plan loads.

To add a viewbox, create a rectangle on top of the area you would like to display and click on “SET AS VIEWBOX.”

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