ExpoFP x Crowd Connected

Crowd Connected is a market leader in indoor positioning and tracking technology. ExpoFP and Crowd Connected have integrated their platforms to provide the same quality of navigation at indoor events that you would normally expect from an outdoor map using GPS.

“Everyone relies on the ‘blue dot’ when out and about, using Apple and Google Maps apps on their mobile and GPS,” explained Mark Maydon, Commercial Director at Crowd Connected. “But GPS doesn’t work in buildings, so our indoor positioning solution provides that familiar ‘blue dot’ experience — pinpointing your location.”

The blue dot moves with the user as they walk around the venue holding their phone or tablet. Coupled with ExpoFP’s wayfinding feature, this allows event attendees to select their destination on their device, click “Directions” and then follow the path that appears on their screen. See how it works below.

In addition to providing real-time positioning and navigation ability for attendees, Crowd Connected’s technology also offers footfall analytic tools. They can help event organizers look at  performance metrics for exhibitors.

“We’re excited by the integration of ExpoFP’s easy-to-use in-app floor plan with a Crowd Connected blue dot,” said Maydon. “We eagerly look forward to working together to benefit exhibitions, trade shows, and indoor events.”

If you would be interested in adding Crowd Connected blue dot functionality to your floor plans, talk to the ExpoFP floor plan team for details.

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