ExpoFP x Crowd Connected

ExpoFP, the provider of interactive floor plans for tradeshows and exhibitions, and Crowd Connected, the visitor tracking technology market leader, have integrated their platforms to create a top-notch indoor navigation experience.

Now, the visitors will be able to see the blue dot of their location while planning their route through the venue — making the event experience more productive for both the attendees and the exhibitors.

Mark Maydon, Commercial Director at Crowd Connected, explained, “Everyone relies on the ‘blue dot’ when they are out and about, using Apple and Google Maps apps on their mobile and GPS. But GPS doesn’t work in buildings, so our indoor positioning solution provides that familiar ‘blue dot’ experience — pinpointing your location.

“Without the blue dot, orienting yourself for even simple wayfinding at a tradeshow or exhibition is often hugely frustrating. We’re really excited by the integration of ExpoFP’s easy-to-use in-app floor plan with a Crowd Connected blue dot and eagerly look forward to working together to benefit exhibitions, trade shows and indoor events.”

This solution is available for any event using a mobile app from Grip.

About Crowd Connected 

Crowd Connected provides events, digital map providers and app developers with a best-in-class, low-cost indoor positioning system for “blue dot” navigation, mobile tracking, personalized engagement and footfall analytics. Contact us for more information and to see a demo of our platform and tools in action.

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