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NASF SurFin 2021

NASF SurFin® 2021 in TCF Center (Cobo) - Detroit, MI®

represents the interests of businesses, technologists, and professionals in the surface coatings industry.

July 13–15, 2021

Many events were postponed or rescheduled. Confirm dates on the official website! – official website
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NASF SurFin 2021 3D floor plan

TCF Center (Cobo) - Detroit, MI
NASF SurFin 2021 3D floor plan
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TCF Center (Cobo) - Detroit, MI Location

1 Washington Blvd., Detroit, MI

Getting there / Parking / Directions / Transportation


TCF Center has 2,246 parking spaces available on a first come first serve basis at the TCF Roof Deck, Washington Blvd., and in the TCF Center Congress Street Garage.

Public Transportation

A Detroit People Mover station is located inside TCF Center on the fourth floor near Congress Street. You can also get to the Center by Detroit Q-Line Rail and Airport Shuttle Service.

TCF Center (Cobo) - Detroit, MI upcoming events

Date Event Hall
May 8–9, 2021 Capitol Sports Center Volleyball Can-Am Classic
May 24–26, 2021 Agile and Beyond
June 26 – July 4, 2021 USA Weightlifting National Championships Week
July 13–15, 2021 NASF SurFin
September 11–12, 2021 Arts Midwest Conference
October 8–9, 2021 Women of Color STEM Conference
October 15, 2021 47th Annual SOCK