White Label floor plan software for event suppliers

If you already provide services to event organizers, why not sell them interactive floor plans like this under your own brand? Many organizers are switching from PDF to interactive floor plans because they automate booth reservations, bring ad money, and simplify event navigation. Organizers are more likely to do business with a company that supplies all the services they need — so why not add floor plans to your package with zero investment? Your first plan can be ready in two days, and you can make a profit on the price difference between what you pay us and what the client pays you.

What will you get?

You will offer the same interactive floor plans as ExpoFP, but under your own brand. Organizers will deal with you only and won't see ExpoFP branding anywhere. 

In the Organizer’s Control Panel they will see your logo and branding. And instead of expofp.com, they will access it via fplan.io. This site has no public pages other than a login page without branding, and organizers would need to log in to access their branded Organizer’s Control Panel

Live floor plans (like this) will be available via links such as myevent2020.fplan.io (where myevent2020 is the name selected for the event). The live floor plans will not have the ExpoFP logo. 

You will have an option to access the all of your client's Organizer’s Control Panel.

How much would it cost?

You pay us and the organizers pay you. 

You pay us for creating the floor plans directly prior to starting the work. Our price is the same as for a regular plan. Everything is included in this price, including maintenance and unlimited changes. 

You can charge organizers anything you want — that is between you and the organizer. 

How to start?


  1. Email us your logo,  the link to your website, and a request to register with us as a private label provider. This only needs to be done once.
  2. Order a regular floor plan from expofp.com, pay for it, upload a PDF, and fill out the basic event info.
  3. Because we will know that the order is coming from a private label provider, it will be available on fplan.io with your branding in about two business days with no additional charge.

Final words

Companies spend years, and hundreds of thousands of dollars, to develop interactive floor plan services like ours. You can have this functionality 100% branded to your company today. 






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