Video chat for virtual events

Video chats allow exhibitors to talk to attendees who are not physically present at the event. While this can be used for purely virtual events, it is most effective for hybrid events when organizers want to engage both in-person and virtual attendees. 

How video chats work in virtual events

During a virtual event, an attendee opens the interactive floor plan on their phone or computer and selects one of the exhibitors. In the exhibitor profile, the attendee presses the "Join Video Chat" button. 

A new page opens up where the attendee joins the exhibitor's video chat room. By default each exhibitor gets 1 chat room and each room is limited to 5 participants, but this can be changed by the organizer.


To host a video chat room, exhibitors come to their Exhibitor's Portal on (via the auto-login link)  and click the "Video Chat Room" button.

This starts the video chat room for this exhibitor, and the "Join Video Chat" button on the floor plan becomes available for attendees to join. If an exhibitor has not started the video chat, the "Join Video Chat"  button is disabled.

Virtual conferences, multiple chat rooms, and other details

In the organizer's control panel, organizers have an option to set the maximum number of seats per chat room and the maximum number of chat rooms per exhibitor. When two representatives from the same exhibitor open the page to host chat rooms on their computers, this creates two separate chat rooms for the same exhibitor. If the first room has two people and the second has only one, a new person will be automatically sent to the second room where the number of people is less. 

Live-stream for virtual conferences will be available in summer 2020.

Video chat pricing

Video chat can be added to the Professional Package only. It costs $500 to set up plus $5 per exhibitor per day when each exhibitor gets 1 chat room with 5 seats.

Price ($) = $500 + $5 × Exhibitors × Days

For example for a 1 day event (where each exhibitor gets 1 room with 5 seats) the price would be

  • $1,000  100 exhibitors
  • $1,500  200 exhibitors
  • $2,000  300 exhibitors
  • $2,500  400 exhibitors
  • +$500  for every +100 exhibitors

Advanced video chat pricing calculations 

In more complicated scenarios when you want to change the number of rooms per exhibitor or number of seats per room, you can use this formula:

Price ($) = $500 + TotalRooms × SeatsPerRoom × Days

where TotalRooms is the total number of chat rooms,
and SeatsPerRoom is the number of seats in each room including the presenter.

For example for a 1 day event with 100 exhibitors, where each exhibitor can have 2 rooms (TotalRooms = 200) with 3 seats each (SeatsPerRoom = 3)
Price ($)  = 500 + 200 × 3 × 1 = $1,100

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