Choosing what’s right for you

Floor plan features. See the full list of our features for attendees, exhibitors, and organizers. 

ExpoFP x Crowd Connected. Integrate your floor plan with Crowd Connected for a top-notch indoor navigation experience.

ExpoFP x Grip. Enhance the attendee experience with this award-winning matchmaking solution. 

Floor plan design by ExpoFP. Learn about the "Floor plan drawn by ExpoFP" add-on.

3D view. See a stunning animated 3D version of your floor plan.

Area map. See our maps of the surrounding areas around your venue. 

Wayfinding. The easiest way for attendees to navigate around your show. 

Floor plans for virtual events. See what features we offer to be used for virtual events. 

Floor plans for hybrid events. See what features we offer to be used on hybrid events.

Getting started 

How to use Floor Plan Designer. How to use the Designer to create your floor plan.

How to add an image to a floor plan. How to add an image right into the floor plan through an SVG file.

How to set booth prices. How to set booth prices so you could sell them.

How to import exhibitors. How to import exhibitor data directly onto the floor plan and assign it to booths.

Auto-login to Exhibitor Portal. Auto-login allows exhibitors to click on a special link and instantly get to their Exhibitor Portal.

How does On Hold work? How to use the On Hold function.

Before you go live

Booth reservation options. How to adjust the booth reservation process.

Invoices in ExpoFP. How invoices are created and how to send them.

Selling sponsorships and booth extras. How to sell other options along with the booths. 

Exhibitor directory list for your website. If you want to add a list of exhibiting companies to your website, ExpoFP provides you with HTML code to do this.

How to use exhibitor categories. How to organize your exhibitors by the products or services using categories. 

Image galleries and videos in the exhibitor profile. Learn how to add galleries to profiles, allowing exhibitors to show images and feature their company or products. 

How to schedule meetings with virtual attendees. Learn how to use custom buttons to schedule meetings and calls.

How to download a floor plan as a PDF. Learn how to download your plan to use offline. 

How to embed your floor plan using iFrame. Learn about different ways to adjust iFrame to suit your needs. 

Using it like a Pro

Advanced Designer tools. Tips and tricks to create more details and beautiful designs.

Logo in header. Learn about logo in header, which allows exhibitors to highlight their premium status at the event and receive greater exposure on the floor plan.

Featured listings. Learn about featured listings, which allow exhibitors to showcase their company and receive 30%–40% greater exposure on a floor plan.

How to send emails via ExpoFP. Send emails to your exhibitors automatically.

Custom mail server. Send emails to your exhibitors from your own email address. 

Discounts. Offer your exhibitors promo codes, early bird or bulk discounts to purchase booths and sponsorships. 

How to use Google Analytics for a floor plan. Learn to collect information about your attendees and see which exhibitors are the most popular.

How to integrate Salesforce with the floor plan. If you want to integrate the floor plan with a CRM platform, ExpoFP integrates with Salesforce.

How to integrate Bizzabo with the floor plan. You can also integrate the floor plan with the Event Platform Bizzabo. 

How to draw the wayfinding. How to add the walkable routes to your Floor Plan and help attendees to find the directions.

Displaying floor plans on kiosks. Learn how to incorporate your floor plan into the kiosks at your trade show.

After your show

Make changes to your Pro features. Choose if you want to keep, change or cancel your features. 

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