How to sell carpet as booth "extra"

Booth extras allow exhibitors to add furniture, electricity, lamps, electronics, drinks & other items to their booth reservation.

Most of booth extras are priced per item, but carpet is mostly priced per square feet. To set the price per square feet - just select the “Price per sq ft” checkbox while editing the booth extra


(If you've selected meters instead of feet in the Floor Plan Designer, the checkbox will say “Price per square meter”)

Since carpet often offered in different colors, create extras for other colors like "Carpet (red)". As long as you name items so they are the same outside of the parenthesis, the items will appear grouped on your reserve/buy pages.

Note when an extra is priced per sq ft, the prices is calculated by multiplying the price by the size of the booth. In the example above for 10x20 booth at $3 per sq ft, the price would be $600. 

Note that you could use the same format GroupName (VariantName) for other extras when you need grouping. For example you can create extras like “Table (large)”, “Table (medium)” & "Table (small)" to group them like below

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