Re-book exhibitors on-site

Why re-book exhibitors on-site for the next event?

The best time to sell booths for your next event is on the day of your current event. Every exhibitor signed means you do not need to spend money on marketing and sales. And it makes it easier to sell the remaining booths when you have many booths sold. 

How does it work?

You'd open a secret link for your next year's floor plan (we will provide you with the link). It would look like a regular plan, but when you select a free booth - you would see an additional  "Rebooking" section like this:

Your staff would walk through the show and ask every exhibitor: "Do you want to reserve the same booth for the next year"? 

If they say "Yes" - select this company from a drop-down and click Save. The company will be assigned to the booth and the details section would change to something like this:

If there are multiple companies that want the same space or if there's a new exhibitor who want this space - just add them to the "Admin notes" section. 

How to start?

First, clone your current event to the next. In your current event's dashboard find an option "Clone this event..." and create a new event. Make sure to select the option "Copy exhibitors" so you'd move companies (they won't be assigned to booths by default).

Contact ExpoFP and we will provide you with the secret link. The link will work for a few days only. 

Open this secret link on phones or tablets and have your staff walk the show. Or open it on a big touch-screen in the show office and ask exhibitors to stop by to rebook.

Current limitations

  1. The rebooking interface currently supports assigning only one existing exhibitor to an available booth. The rest should be added to "Admin Notes". Then you can assign multiple exhibitors to one booth in the Organizers portal.
  2. You can not add a new exhibitor in the current rebooking interface. Use "Admin Notes" to record their name, then add them the Organizers portal.
  3. ExpoFP will provide organizers with re-book URL for now. Organizers will be able to generate it themselves in the near future
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