MapDynamics® floor plan review

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Pros Provides basic functionality.
Cons Flash maps cannot be used by most users. No normal zooming. No company name on a booth. No interactive search. Verdict Missing a lot of essential functionality.

MapDynamics® floor plans are less commonly used than those by its competitors. And the reason seems obvious. If you view many of their floor plans like 2018 New York Small Business Expo® or 2018 AAFS 70th Annual Scientific Meeting®, you will get this:

Their maps require Flash Player, and ALL major browsers these days block Flash by default. However we have found some maps from MapDynamics® that are not Flash based, so we will base our review on these. We will be reviewing the floor plan for TheFitExpo® in Anaheim Aug 25-26, 2018.


1 Mobile usability (Score: 3 out of 5)

The first thing users do when they see a map on a phone is pinch to zoom in on it. Unfortunately, pinching in and out does nothing on this map. To zoom in and out, users must use the + and - buttons at the bottom of the screen, and that is quite inconvenient. Scrolling the map works as expected.

If you press the back button while on a mobile map, you’d expect to return to the main menu (to view the list of exhibitors, for example). Instead, you will leave the site completely. This is very annoying as you are constantly navigating away from the site.


2 Desktop usability (Score: 3 out of 5)

On the desktop, the floor plan looks unoffending, but again you cannot zoom in or out using your mouse wheel like you could on any other map. Instead, you have to press the + and - buttons.

MapDynamics® have also cheated: instead of displaying the actual company names in booths, they show booth numbers only. This is significantly less convenient than in the competing products.


3 How easy to find an exhibitor (Score: 2 out of 5)

Browsing is easy everywhere on MapDynamics®. However when you run a search, there is no interactive list shown as you type. So unless you’ve typed the company name precisely, you will not find it. Again — this places MapDynamics® at the bottom of competition. The found company is not highlighted on the map — another low point. The mobile version has the same issues.


4 Search by category (Score: 0 out of 5)

There’s no category search on the desktop. The mobile version has the “By category” option, but for some reason, it is empty.


5 Exhibitor details (Score: NA)

All listings on the example map show no information for any exhibitor other than the company name. We hope that it is not because of the map feature set, but the show has yet to complete the exhibitor details.

6 Allowing exhibitors to see available booths (Score: 5 out of 5)

Available booths are clearly marked in blue and are highly visible, as you can see in the previous screenshots.

7 Planning the expo visit (Score: 0 out of 5)

We have not found an option to bookmark a booth on either desktop or mobile.


If you deploy a Flash map from MapDynamics®, 90% of your users will not be able to use it. If you deploy a non-flash map like the one reviewed, it will lack many essential functionalities such as zooming in and out in the conventional way, displaying company names within booths on a map, interactive exhibitor search, and category search. You can do better with almost any other competing service. If you want the top product – use ExpoFP.