How to hide exhibitors on the floor plan

If you don't want to share who your exhibitors are prior to the show or want a company to be displayed on the plan only after you approve the reservation, you can hide some of the exhibitors on the floor plan. You can change the settings in Event settings in your Dashboard.

There are three options at the moment.

1. Hide all companies: All exhibitors' profiles will be hidden on the floor plan. Reserved booths will be displayed as reserved without exhibitors' names on them.

2. Hide companies that have no booths: Exhibitors that have no booths will be hidden on the floor plan.

You can set exceptions for this — the companies listed in the text box will have their profiles shown.

3. Hide On Hold companies: Companies that are On Hold will be hidden. The booth will be shown as "On Hold" until organizers confirm the reservation. Here's the post that describes it in details. 

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