Get a stunning expo floor plan for FREE

If you are not already making tons of money off your floor plan, you’ve been missing out. The interactive floor plan costs far less than what you could make selling Featured floor plan listings. If you doubt that,  let ExpoFP take the risk, make you a floor plan for free and collect money selling featured listings.

Is it really free?

It is not just Free. We will PAY YOU for the privilege of creating a floor plan for your expo.

In exchange you will give us the permission to sell Featured floor plan listings to your exhibitors for around $100 to $500. We will keep 80% and will pay you 20% of the money collected.

Is the free floor plan any different from the paid version?

There’s no functional difference between the interactive floor plans of the paid and free versions. The only difference is who gets the money from the sales of featured listings.

Are there any requirements for the expo to qualify?

Yes. We want to make sure we are able to make money. This disqualifies small expos with under 100 booths, some expos that focus primarily on seminars, or where there’s little value in adding a floor plan to the expo. We will let you know after we review your expo.

How to start?

Contact us and provide a link to your expo website, estimated number of exhibitors, your phone and your email. We will reply promptly.