Floor plans for virtual events

Interactive floor plans from ExpoFP.com are successfully used in many virtual events — you will see the examples below. The benefits of using floor plans in virtual events are:

  1. Attendees get a familiar floor plan interface with a search by company and category.
  2. Exhibitors get content-rich profiles with image galleries, videos, and action buttons for getting in contact or scheduling a meeting.
  3. Virtual stages show event schedules and serve as an entry point for attendees to access live presentations and webinars.
  4. Organizers can add an unlimited number of booths, fully automate booth reservation and payments, and generate extra revenue by logo in header, featured listings and logo in booth (read more about our sponsorships and extras). They can also see their attendees' online activity by using Google Analytics.

Floor plans can be embedded into the event website with only one line of code, and they look great on phones. ExpoFP paid plans start from $60/month, and a free plan is also available. 

Familiar floor plan interface

In virtual events, organizers no longer need to be restricted by the venue. EBPOM, for example, has placed their virtual event right in the center of London. 

Shropshire Virtual Show has chosen to have a floor plan in the shape of their logo.

HR Virginia Annual Conference has chosen to design the booths using stand icons

Note that the interactive search by company and category in a virtual floor plan works just as well as in a physical event floor plan.

Unlimited number of booths

You also don't need to limit yourself to the number of booths. GameOn, for example, has over 1,500 booths, where they are not restricted by real-world constraints.

Rich exhibitor profiles

Content-rich company profiles (that exhibitors edit themselves) allow exhibitors to add image galleries to their profiles, showcasing company products and services. 

Exhibitors can also insert a Youtube or Vimeo video:

Exhibitors also can add action buttons to their profiles. The button can link to a live meeting, a meeting scheduling service, a contact form or anything else.

Live presentations and webinars

When the user selects a virtual stage on the floor plan, they see a schedule of live-streaming events or webinars with links to join them.

Automated booth reservations

Exhibitors can select an available booth, select advertisement options, pay for it all (with money going directly to the organizer's don't account) and manage their profiles themselves — all fully automated without any work from the organizer. 


Interactive floor plans from ExpoFP.com are a simple and cost-effective solution for organizing a virtual event.

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