Galleries & Videos in Exhibitor profile

Galleries and videos in company profiles allow exhibitors to show more information about their company.

Image galleries in exhibitor profiles

Exhibitors can upload multiple images themselves via the Exhibitor Portal. Images are automatically rotated and can be expanded to full screen. 

To upload images, the exhibitor needs to go to the Exhibitor Portal, using the auto-login link. Then the exhibitor can upload images by dragging or selecting a file in the Gallery section. After that, the images will immediately appear on the live plan.

Videos in exhibitor profiles

Exhibitors can embed YouTube or Vimeo videos in their profile. A video starts playing automatically when an attendee clicks on the exhibitor profile.

Exhibitors can add videos via the Exhibitor Portal.

Brochures in exhibitor profiles

Exhibitors can also add brochures or marketing materials to their profiles. 

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