Floor plan design by ExpoFP

When you order the Draw a floor plan based on your image add-on, we will take your floor plan image and create a professional-looking, interactive version in around 3-5 business days. While you could create a floor plan yourself in the FP Designer, our designers are experienced in creating quality floor plans and will create a better-looking plan for a very moderate price

After upgrading, you would need to send us a PDF, an AutoCAD, or any other image. Our staff will probably ask you a few questions to clarify details about the plan. In 3-5 business days you will get a great-looking, interactive floor plan!

What happens when you need to change something in the floor plan? Adding, deleting, moving, resizing, and merging booths is very simple in the FP Designer. You can do it yourself, or our staff, who are always available via the chat button, will be happy to show you. The paid plan subscription includes unlimited hands-on tutoring via Zoom.

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