Floor plan design by ExpoFP

Interactive plan creation service

Our team can take your floor plan image and create a professional-looking, interactive version for a flat fee.

Below is one of many examples of our work. We took the basic floor plan image on the left and turned into the eye-catching, interactive version on the right:


How to get started

Go to your Dashboard, scroll down and click on the “Upgrade/Change Plan” button. You will see the upgrade page where you can select “Floor plan drawn by ExpoFP”:

Information we need 

After payment, you can message us via the chat button or send the following info to support@expofp.com:

  1. Map of your expo as a PDF/DWG/PNG image containing booth sizes and numbers, as well as any other places you’d like visible (entrances, emergency exits, stairs, cafes, etc.).

      2. Website link for your event or the essential information about it (name, dates, venue, logo, other details you’d like to add to your floor plan)

      3. Color scheme suggestions, if any. By default, we use your expo website and logos as our inspiration.


      4. For a virtual floor plan - see our case study.

Design creation takes 5-7 business days to finish depending on your floor plan size and other services you’d like to add, such as wayfinding or an area map. If your plan is more complex, we call it enhanced design, which may also require more time to complete. After completion, we will happily apply all the major fixes, so don’t hesitate to share your opinion. You will also have full access to the Designer, and can use our design tools to add, delete, move, resize and merge booths as you see fit. The monthly subscription includes unlimited hands-on tutoring via chat.

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