Manage your expo in Expo Admin

When you order a floor plan from ExpoFP, you create an account. When you login, you are presented with a dashboard - a starting point for all your expos


Click on one of your expos to get to the selected expo’s main page


Click on exhibitors to see all your exhibitors


Click on a company name to edit exhibitor details. Note that we email to the exhibitors one-click auto login links that allow them to manage their company profiles themselves on the page that looks the same as the one below


A similarly simple interface gives you access to all the booths


In addition to that you get simple interfaces to

  • Upload starting exhibitor and booth data in a free-form Excel file
  • Upload a starter floor plan image
  • Manage exhibitor categories
  • Manage booth types
  • See your invoices
  • See stats on what was searched for, what company details were viewed and what was bookmarked