Booth purchase process

This describes what happens when an exhibitor is buying a booth.

In order to see a "Buy" button in an available booth, you need to set prices for booths and have "Sell booths" in Dashboard > Your Event checked.

Then, when an exhibitor clicks on an available booth on the floor plan, they will see the "Buy" button.

Exhibitor clicks "Buy" and goes to a checkout page like this:

Note that in addition to buying a booth, an exhibitor has an option to buy extras like tables, scanners, etc. — you can add these on the Extras page you will find in your control panel.

Only a minimum of information required to process the transaction is collected. Once the information is entered and the user clicks the "Buy stand" button, they receive the following message:

We also send an email like this to the exhibitor:

We have received the payment of [$NN] for booth [XYZ], thank you! 
Your purchase receipt is attached.  
Next step - please auto-login and complete your company profile

We attach a PDF of the purchase receipt listing the organizing company, exhibitor company, date, booth, extras (if any), and the amount received. Note that it is not an actual invoice and does not have an invoice number — it is your responsibility as the organizer to send the exhibitor a proper invoice. 

At this point a new exhibitor was created and associated with the booth. The exhibitor is encouraged (in both the success message and the purchase receipt email) to auto-login and complete their profile. The auto-login link gives exhibitors access to edit their company profile — they can edit their profile, description, logo, contact info, and social media accounts. The link is supposed to be kept secret. It does not allow the user to change a booth or delete a profile. The auto-login link is available on "Edit exhibitor" page. You can also export this field to Excel on the Exhibitors page.

Exhibitors can also buy additional booths, advertisements, or extras from the auto-login page. The checkout process in this case is identical to buying a booth. 

How do I integrate it with my website for automated booth reservation?

Here's a typical automated booth reservation scenario:

  1. Client visits the "For exhibitors" section on your website.
  2. Client clicks on the "Select a booth" button and gets redirected to the floor plan.
  3. Client selects a booth and clicks on the "Reserve" or "Buy" button.
  4. Client submits the basic company information and, if "Buy" was clicked, the credit card info.
  5. Client gets redirected back to your website with details such as company name, contact name, phone, email, booth number(s), extras/add-ons (if any), paid or reserved status, cost for every line item, and total.
  6. Your website records this information, emails customer an invoice, and completes other required exhibitor registration steps.

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