Booth reservation options

You can customize the exhibitor registration process in Booth Reservation Options on your dashboard.

On the floor plan > When Reserve/Buy button is clicked, go to...

If you want the registration process to continue on your website, you can choose where to direct exhibitor after they click the Reserve/Buy button.

Reserve/Buy booth page > Reservation instructions... 

If you want to show specific instructions for reserving booths, you can display them at the top of the Buy/Reserve page. 

That is what the instructions will look like:

To add instructions, fill the text box with the information you want to show.

Reserve/Buy booth page > No more than ___ booths per exhibitor

Limit the number of booths an exhibitor can reserve on the checkout page. You can overwrite this number on your backend, the exhibitor page, or the Designer.

Reserve/Buy booth page > Ask to fill out

Select the boxes with the information you would like to collect on the checkout page.

Reserve/Buy booth page > Payment due on Buy page...

When collecting payments, you can choose to collect the full amount or a percentage of it. The exhibitors will see the total price and the down payment amount on the Buy page.

For example, if you want to collect the 10% down payment first, this is what the exhibitor would see during the Buy process:

To do this, enter the amount of money or the percentage you would like to collect.

Reserve/Buy booth page > Add a checkbox before Buy/Reserve button

If you want to add an obligatory checkbox that exhibitors have to check before buying a booth, for example, Terms and Conditions, or your privacy policy, you can have one at the bottom of the Buy/Reserve page. 


After reserve/buy complete > Go to...

If you want the registration process to continue on your website, you can choose where to direct the exhibitor after the Buy/Reserve process is done.

After reserve/buy complete > Change booth to be...

You can choose what the booth status will be after the Buy/Reserve process.

On Hold

The booth will be set as "On Hold" after the Buy/Reserve process, and you will approve each exhibitor manually – more details here.


Right after the Buy/Reserve process, the company will be shown as an exhibitor in the selected booth. This is the default option.

After reserve/buy complete > Send email

Select which type of email you would like to send automatically after the reservation.

See also: how to set up emails using ExpoFP.


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