Featured Listings

If you are not already making tons of money off your floor plan, you’ve been missing out. The interactive floor plan costs far less than what you could make selling Featured floor plan listings. If you doubt that, let ExpoFP take the risk. We’ll make you a floor plan for free, collect money selling Featured listings, and share 50% of the money collected with you.

What is a Featured listing?

Featured company listings on the floor plan:

  1. Are shown at the top of any partial matching search or category search
  2. Appear more prominently in bold with a diamond icon in the exhibitor list
  3. Have a diamond icon in the booth on the floor plan
  4. Have a richly formatted company details view

Why do Featured listings matter?

Upgrading to a featured listing allows exhibitors to showcase their company and receive 30%–40% greater exposure on a floor plan. Expo organizers can generate significant revenue by selling such an upgrade.

Example: A $300 Featured listing sold to 20% of an 1,000-exhibitor expo would bring in an extra $60,000.

How are Featured listings sold?

Free option. If you have selected a free floor plan option, ExpoFP will sell featured listings exclusively and share with the organizers 50% of the money collected.

Paid option. If you have selected a paid floor plan option, you can sell the featured listings yourself. In addition to in-house sales you can sell featured listings via ExpoFP (see pricing). To turn this on, go to the Dashboard > Your Expo > Edit. Find the switch “Allow ExpoFP to collect Featured listing payments on my behalf” and turn it ON.

How does ExpoFP automate the Featured listing sale?

We email all exhibitors a reminder to review their listing on the floor plan and update their company profile. On that page we show a preview of how the company profile looks on the floor plan. For regular listings we also show how a “Featured” listing would look, explain the benefits of upgrading, and collect a payment for an instant upgrade to the Featured listing.

Can exhibitors buy booths through ExpoFP?

Yes. On your request, every available booth could be purchased right through the floor plan (see pricing). To turn this feature on, go to the Dashboard > Your Expo > Edit.  Find the switch “Allow ExpoFP to sell booths on my behalf” and turn it ON. Now there will be a “Buy” button in the details section of every available booth that has a price set.